Hey there! Here’s the complete list of programs taking place Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12. For panels or events on other days or in the evenings, check our Events Page.

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2019 Programming Venues

Toronto Reference Library – 789 Yonge St

Beeton Auditorium (1st Floor), Learning Centre (1st Floor), Meeting Room 1 (1st Floor) (Portfolio Review)
Hinton Learning Theatre (3rd Floor), Discussion Room (3rd Floor) 

Marriott Bloor Yorkville – 90 Bloor St East

Forest Hill Ballroom, High Park Ballroom 1, High Park Ballroom 2 & 3
Rosedale Room, Summerhill Room 

Cumberland Terrace
2 Bloor St West

2nd Floor Zineland Terrace

Masonic Temple
888 Yonge St

Main Venue, Red Room (5th Floor)

Japan Foundation
2 Bloor St. East

Suite 300


Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St.

Beeton Auditorium (1st Floor, Library)


10:00 AM – Pigs! Pigs! Pigs! It’s the Year of the Pig! – Meet the creators of two exciting new porcine releases, Howard Wong (The Unhappy Little Pig) and Joey Weiser (Ghost Hog), as they talk about how and why they made their recent books. This is one session that definitely won’t be a boar!

11:00 AM – Comics Games Extravaganza! – Join local cartoonists Brian McLachlan (Draw Out the Story), Kean Soo (March: Grand Prix) and Katie Shanahan (Silly Kingdom) as they lead some comics games with lots of crowd participation! Come draw with them!

1:00 PM – HILO Spotlight: Things that make you go “AAAAAH!” – Cartoonist Judd Winick of the bestselling HILO series will delight with one of the many talks he gives to schools around the country. Both young and old will enjoy hearing about the making of HILO weaved in with funny and inspirational stories from his childhood. It’s all about being a kid, being you, talking cats, giant robots and the deeply important lesson of doing things twice.

2:30 PM – Spotlight: Imaginary Worlds – Celebrate imagination with cartoonists whose works explore the power of creativity! Lorena Alvarez (Hicotea) and Chad Sell (Cardboard Kingdom) will show you how they created their own worlds of wonder!

4:00 PM – Spotlight: The Princess in Black – The creative team behind the celebrated Princess in Black series launch the latest installment: Science Fair Scare. Join Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, and LeUyen Pham as they tell you all about the making of your favourite series!


11:30 AM – Drawing Science! – Science and comics: a perfect match! Learn how in this session with artists from the Science Comics series. Do you have to be a scientist to draw science comics? Can drawing comics…make you a science expert?! Cartoonists Alex Graudins, Jason Viola, and Alison Wilgus have the answers!

12:30 – Spotlight: Koyama Press Kids – TCAF is proud to present the debut of two great new kids books: Aaron Leighton’s A Children’s Book of Demons and Chris Kuzma’s Lunch Quest! Come meet the creators and learn all about these new releases from Toronto’s Koyama Press.

2:30 PM – Explore the 5 Worlds! – This session offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creative processes behind the exciting 5 Worlds series. Meet all five creators and learn how so many people can work together to create awesome comics adventure!

3:30 PM – Queer & Trans Comics for Kids! – Kids comics are for everyone! Come learn about these great new comics that feature LGBTQ+ kids. Cathy G Johnson (The Breakaways), Anthony Oliveira (Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy), Sarah Winifred Searle (Sincerely, Harriet), and Chad Sell (Cardboard Kingdom) showcase their latest works in this session for readers of all ages.


Masonic Temple, 888 Yonge St.

ASL Interpretation is available for all programming on the main stage at the Masonic Temple.
All Programming in the Main Space at the Masonic Temple Require Advance Registration – Click Here


10:00 – Sharing Your Smile: Spotlight Raina Telgemeier – Raina Telgemeir is back with Share Your Smile, a creative How-To for kids and creators of all ages. Join Raina in conversation with Jann Jones (Legendary Entertainment), as they talk about the brave and bold ways people can grow their imaginations!

12:00 PM – Page to Screen/Screen to Page – Comics is the perfect medium, sure, but there’s definitely a thrill in seeing how our favourite stories move across formats. Between movies, television, poetry, and prose, these creators all have oodles of experience in the interplay between the original and the adaptation. Featuring Brian Selznick (Live Oak, with Moss), Gabriel Bá (Umbrella Academy), Renee Nault (Handmaid’s Tale), and Jeff Lemire (Secret Path). Moderated by Dylan Magwood.

2:00 PM – Junji Ito Live Draw – Join horror manga artist Junji Ito in a special live-drawing presentation at TCAF’s Featured presentation space, The Masonic Temple Concert Hall. Ito-sensei will create original illustrations before your eyes, while TCAF Artistic Director Chris Butcher interviews him about his work!

4:00 PM – Hitting the Right Note – Music and comics go like peanut butter and jelly, even if comics typically do not make a sound. Come join Kid Koala, JonJon, Kieron Gillen, and Jamie McKelvie as they talk about books that are easy on the eyes and ears!



10:30 AM – Bolt City Supernovas: Spotlight on Kazu Kibuishi & Jason Caffoe – Kazu Kibuishi and Jason Caffoe talk about their mega-popular Amulet series, and what’s in store as they prepare for the final volume. Moderated by Mark Askwith.

12:30 PM – Queer YA Comics from First Second – First Second have made a move this year, boasting four big books that centre young people exploring gender and sexuality for YA audiences. Featuring the creators behind Bloom (Kevin Panetta & Savanna Ganuchaeu), The Breakaways (Cathy G Johnson), Kiss Number 8 (Ellen T Crenshaw & Colleen AF Venable), and Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me (Mariko Tamaki & Rosemary Valero-O’Connell), and moderated by Ardo Omer.

2:30PM – Spotlight: Jhonen Vasquez & J.R. Goldberg! – TCAF is thrilled to welcome the creator of JTHM, Squee, I Feel Sick, Fillerbunny, and of course the smash-hit animated series Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez, in a special presentation! Joining him will be the one and only J.R. Goldberg, Art Director for the upcoming Invader Zim movie, and also contributor to the animated series’ Danger & Eggs, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Rick N Morty, and many more!

Jhonen and JR might show secrets from the upcoming ZIM movie! They might not! They might answer your audience questions! Or possibly they won’t! It’s gonna be great. Special thanks to Oni Press for helping organize this event.

Red Room, 5th Floor


1:00 PM, 2:00 PM, & 3:00 PM – Live Dungeons & Drawings! Behold comic artists draw (rather than just roll) their way through a D&D adventure of tavern-bragging proportions! Join Dungeon Master Brian McLachlan for Lair of the Nightmaremancer! Artists include: Katie Shanahan (Silly Kingdom), Kean Soo (Danger Dice Gang), Adriana Blake (Dice & Doodles), Matthew Hoddy (Saga of Metalbeard), Nic ter Horst (Killustrators), Caitlin Major (Manfriend Saves the Day​), Jey Pawlik (Dead City), Lis Xu (Wavering Line Collective), Meaghan Carter (God Slave), Gillian Blekkenhorst (Idols of the Cave), Max Bare (Scally-Ho!), Jean Demers (Wavering Line Collective)



2:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Music to Draw To – On Sunday, May 12th, from 2pm-5pm, join Kid Koala and friends for a a chill afternoon of quiet-time records and creativity! Kid Koala will play a 3 hour all vinyl set of his favourite ‘drawing tracks’ in a very special environment. Bring something quiet to do… Draw, Write, Finish that Screenplay, Knit that Scarf, Code that video game. Join Kid Koala and a room full of creative quiet types and get some work done!


Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St.

Discussion Room (3rd Floor, Library)



10:00 AM – Workshop – Lettering w/ Kat Verhoeven – Kat Verhoeven (Meat & Bone) has a way with words, both literally and visually. Come and check out this workshop to expand how you think about reading, writing, and drawing through lettering!

11:30 AM – Workshop – Bookmaking w/ Juan David Quintero – Creating your own comics can go beyond stapling minis in your living room! Join Juan David Quintero from the Entreviñetas comics festival in Colombia to learn how to craft together your own books for comics, sketchbooks, or gifts!

1:00 PM – Workshop – Storyboarding w/ Savanna Ganucheau – Savanna Ganuchea is a multi-disciplinary artist, and co-creator of the book Bloom. In this workshop, Savanna will be sharing some of the tips, tricks, and tools that go into creating clear and compelling storyboards.

2:30 PM – Workshop – How to Get Press for Your Comic w/ Johanna Draper Carlson – Johanna Draper Carlson of ComicsWorthReading.com wants to help you get noticed by media outlets! Come to this workshop to hear some steps and strategies informed by over 20 years of experience writing about comics!


10:30 AM – Workshop – Page Layout w/ Adam De Souza – Local cartoonist Adam de Souza (A Gleaming) is leading a workshop all about comic book layouts! Have fun learning about the ways flow and form affect how a reader’s eyes journey across a comics page.

12:00 PM – Workshop – Making Tattoo Flash Sheets w/ Edi Jiménez – The worlds of comics, illustration, and tattoo overlap in exciting and dynamic ways. In this workshop, DIY tattoo artist Edi Jiménez (@yourdough) from the Entreviñetas festival in Colombia will share a bit about his intersecting comics and tattoo practice, and present a hands-on workshop on how to develop an effective sheet of tattoo “flash” (pre-existing designs).

1:30 PM – Workshop – Body Language w/ Victor Martins – Doug Wright Award-nominated cartoonist Victor Martins has the eye and the pen for capturing the perfect pose. Come and join him for some advice and exercises when it comes to drawing bodies!

3:00 PM – Workshop – Book Design w/ Tommi Parrish – Tommi Parrish has made comics, zines, and books of all shapes and sizes. No really, go check. Come and check out this great workshop as Tommi walks participants through the choices and challenges that go into creating unique reading objects.

Hinton Learning Theatre (3rd Floor, Library)


10:00 AM – Comics Formalism – A combination of visual and linguistic elements, comics have always uniquely communicated with (and through) form in ways that other media simply can’t. From staunch traditionalists to free experimenters, this panel will host creators discuss the decisions that go into making (and breaking) their art. Featuring Emily Carroll (When I Arrived at the Castle), Jason (O Josephine!), Nora Krug (Belonging), Paul Kirchner (The Bus), and Sanya Anwar (1001). Moderated by Zach Rondinelli.

11:00 AM – Mean Mean Laura Dean: Mariko Tamaki & Rosemary Valero-O’Connell Spotlight – The TCAF debuting Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me brings us into the sweet and stressful world of being a teenager in love. Join Mariko and Rosemary as they discuss creating new narratives around dating, and how we can create more spaces for healthier relationships in comics. Moderated by Glen Downey.

12:15 PM – It’s Science! in Comics – She blinded me… with science comics? On the contrary, graphic non-fiction is enlightening, particularly for educating young adult readers. Nothing’s as easy to understand as when we see it explained with amusing pictures. Alison Wilgus, Maki Naro, Margreet de Heer, and Mike Holmes will share how they build excitement for science in comics, whether flying machines, computer coding, vaccination, or the field of science overall. Moderated by Johanna Draper Carlson (ComicsWorthReading.com).

1:30 PM – WoweeZonk Small Press Area: Celebrating 10 Years – Toronto’s own Wowee Zonk collective, Ginette Lapalme, Patrick Kyle, and Chris Kuzma, talk about what it has meant to create a space for their peers. What is the Wowee Zonk browsery; Why we need it at TCAF; What the curation process is like; The beginning of the Wowee Zonk collective; Wowee Zonk the anthology; the past, present, and the future of the collective, anthology, and space at the festival.

2:45 PM – World Building Process – Creators discuss the process and struggles of creating original Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Supernatural worlds! With Ben Sears (Double+ Adventures), Evan Dahm (Island Book), Larry Hancock (The Silent Invasion), NikaComics (Signals), and Carolyn Nowak (Girl Town). Moderated by Brendan Montgomery.

4:00 PM – Uncivilized Press: Celebrating 10 Years – Uncivilized Press are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year! Their curation of independent and art comics output has included minicomics, graphic novels, international translations, critical essays, and the launch of a kids imprint. Join Associate Publisher Jordan Shiveley in conversation with Uncivilized creators Craig Thompson (Ginseng Roots), Kelsey Wroten (Cannonball), and Sophie Yanow (War of Streets and Houses).


10:30 AM – Art of Genre – Alexandre Clérisse (Diabolical Summer), David Brame (Baaaad Muthaz), Renee Nault (Handmaid’s Tale GN), and Jamila Rowser (Wash Day) discuss mastering and reinventing comics across different genre stories and styles. Moderated by Irene Velentzas.

12:00 PM – (Re)Visualizing: Brian Selznick Spotlight – In his latest work, Brian Selznick has boldly adapted Walt Whitman’s Live Oak, With Moss, a largely unknown collection on the poet’s attraction to and affection for other men. In conversation with Mark Askwith, come and hear about how Brian prepared for a brand new challenge in his illustrious career: making a book for adults.

1:30 PM – When I Was a Kid: Comics and Early Reading Experiences – Comics are contagious! Hear from Jason (O Josephine!), Erica Henderson (Assassin Nation), Derick Brooks (Grip Up!), and M Dean (I Am Young) as they share about what they were reading when they caught the comics bug. Moderated by Glen Downey.

2:45 PM – Other People’s Stories – At the same time that independent comics are expanding beyond the scope of autobio, conversations around truthiness and appropriation are becoming more mainstream. This program asks, how are these things influencing each other? Join Émilie Plateau (Colored), Søren Mosdal (Basquiat), Typex (Andy), Bill Griffith (Nobody’s Fool) and AJ Dungo (In Waves) as they explore! Moderated by Brigid Alverson.

Learning Centre (1st Floor, Toronto Reference Library)


10:00 AM – 100 Years of Yuri – 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Yuri (百合), a genre of manga which refers to stories that contain romantic relationships between girls or women or, sometimes more generally, stories with a lesbian character. Join comics scholar Erica Friedman as she walks us through the decades!

11:00 AM – Next Page: Comics And Zines Creating Change – How can we affect social justice and social change through autobiographic and auto-bio inspired comics and zines? Fiona Smyth facilitates a discussion with her former students/ emerging artists Tara Krebs, Xiaoxiao Li, Nat Mark, and Morgan Sea. Presented as part of Fiona Smyth’s induction into the Doug Wright Awards’ Giants of the North Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame.

12:15 PM – Winnipeg Comics Panel – Why does cold weather inspire so resilient comics talent? Find out about the hidden history and modern marvels of Winnipeg’s comic book creators! With Rhael McGregor, Ryan Harby, Scott A Ford, Autumn Crossman-Serb and At Bay Press (guests subject to change). Moderated by Hope Nicholson.

1:30 PM – CxG: Reptilian Animation and Playful Collaboration in Later Alligator! – Two indie studios talk about translating traditional 2D animation to interactive play, long distance collaboration, and answer any questions you may have about their upcoming reptilian urban adventure game, Later Alligator!

2:45 PM – The Single Issue: Creators on Serialization – Whether you pick up the floppy or wait for the TPB, creators spend a lot of time deciding how to publish. Artists Hartley Lin (Young Frances), Coni Yovaniniz (Walking to Do), Ben Passmore (Daygloayhole), and Anders Nilsen (Tongues) talk about the ins and outs of serializing and collecting their work, reflecting on the textual aesthetics of their books and the challenges of releasing in instalments. Moderated by Kalervo Sinervo.

4:00 PM – Oh No: Alex Norris Spotlight Panel Title – Oh yes! Alex Norris, creator of the ultra-memeable Webcomic Name webcomic, is at TCAF to celebrate the first print collection of the strip. Alex will speak with Sean Kleefeld to discuss what it’s like to be big online with the same punchline!



10:30 AM – Characters of Age – Comics are full of stories about people in their teens and 20s discovering themselves and their place in the world. But where’s the stuff for the over 50 crowd? Join Aimée de Jongh (Blossoms in Autumn), Ezra Claytan Daniels (Upgrade Soul), Seth (Clyde Fans), and Julian Hanshaw (Tim Ginger) as they talk about aging, older bodies, and comics’ obsession with youth. Moderated by Brigid Alverson.

12:00 PM – Contemporary Queer Comics – Complementing our queer-focused programs for kids and teens, this panel showcases the some of the best creators exploring sex, gender, and relationships for adult audiences. Featuring a Who’s Who of comics award-nominated creators, including A.C. Esguerra (Eighty Days), Blue Delliquanti (O Human Star), Eric Kostiuk Williams (Our Wretched Town Hall), Sophie Yanow (The Contradictions), and Steve MacIsaac (Shirtlifter). Moderated by Gina Gagliano.

1:30 PM – CxG: Gorogoa and the Mosaic of Mystery – A discussion of how the design of award-winning puzzle game Gorogoa arose from inspirations in comics, card games and religious icons; how it evolved into its own expressive but ornery medium; and how it might point the way to a larger world of multi-panel narrative game design. Speaker Bio: Jason Roberts was once a software engineer who did some pencil drawing in his spare time. Having never made a game before, he left his job in 2012 to work full time on a project that would involve thousands of drawings, absurd design challenges, five years of his life, and all of his personal savings. The end result was the award-winning and critically acclaimed game Gorogoa.

2:45 PM – Colombian Cartooning Spotlight – The past decade has seen a boom in independent and experimental comics in Colombia and across Latin America. The success of projects such as the journal LARVA, the Entreviñetas festival and even a number of comics publishing houses demonstrates the growing community of comics creators. With it has emerged an enthusiastic audience for the medium’s variety of styles, genres, and themes and the new energy it has brought the arts and literary landscape in Colombia. In this panel, Colombian comic artists will discuss their projects, the creative ecosystem of the country, and their approaches to navigating this changing and diverse environment.

4:00 PM – History Through Comic Eyes – Comics are hyper-accessible not just in their making (you only need a pen and paper), but also in their reading. Visual essays and comics reporting are going a long way in helping to make complicated or nuanced histories more personal and engaging for readers. Join Andy Warner, Ellen T Crenshaw, and James Davidge as they discuss how they’re (re)tell stories from history with new comics lenses. Moderated by Johanna Draper Carlson (ComicsWorthReading.com). 



Marriott Bloor Yorkville, 90 Bloor St. E.

Forest Hill Ballroom (Marriott)


11:00 AM – Français et Loin: Contemporary European French Comics – TCAF is blessed this year to be joined by so many fantastic creators from France and Belgium. Together, Alexandre Clérisse (Diabolical Summer), Bessora (Alpha), Émilie Plateau (Colored), Jérémie Royer (Darwin), Richard Marazano (Milo’s World), and Stephanie Hans (Die!) will talk about how the Euro-French comics scene shapes their work. Moderated by Philippe Leblanc.

12:15 PM – Squirrel Girl Panel: Talk Nuts, Kick Butts – Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Shannon & Dean Hale share with us their love of Squirrel Girl and give us a look behind the scenes of creating Doreen. Moderated by Hélène Deval Saturday 12:15 PM 1:15 PM

1:30 PM – Death Threat: Vivek Shraya & Ness Lee SpotlightDeath Threat is an act of resistance, using satire and surrealism to push back against transphobic hate mail that Vivek Shraya began receiving in 2017. Joined by artist Ness Lee, the collaborators will discuss the book’s exploration of the dangers of online accessibility, and the ease with which hate can spread digitally. Moderated by Kelly Frazier.

2:45 PM – The Motherhood Challenge – Challenging the norms surrounding childbirth and motherhood, this panel brings together Sylvia Nickerson (All We Have Left, Is This), Lucy Knisley (Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos), Megan Kearney (Beauty and the Beast) and Teresa Wong (Dear Scarlet: The Story of My Postpartum Depression) to talk about parenting and the meaning of family from different lenses, and discuss how their own experiences inspire and inform their representation of mothers in their work. Moderated by Wendy Browne (WWAC).

4:00 PM – Contemporary Comics Activism – Either through historical or personal narratives, this panel looks to explore the ways that people are educating and organizing through comics. Bessora (Alpha), Cole Pauls (Dakwäkãda Warriors), Daria Bogdanska (Wage Slaves), and Gord Hill (Antifa Comic Book) discuss the ways their comics express community and generate resistance. Moderated by Brigid Alverson.



11:00 AM – Two Brothers: Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá Spotlight – Comics superstars Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá return to Toronto with tons of comics and stories in tow! More Umbrella Academy! More Casanova! More How to Talk to Girls at Parties! Come and join them for this very special presentation about their life and work!

12:00 PM – Mind/Body Connection: Mental Health in Comics – More and more we’re recognizing the connections that exist between mental and physical health. Whether exploring physical illnesses, eating disorders, chronic conditions, or medication, AJ Dungo (In Waves), Kat Verhoeven (Meat & Bone), Rachel Lindsay (Rx), and Sarah Winifred Searle (Sincerely, Harriet) all have things to say on how our bodies work with or against our brains. Moderated by Glen Downey.

1:30 PM – Explaining The World through Science Comics – Science is best when it’s shared. Join creators who have chosen to meld their passions for science and technology with their passions for comics and illustration. How do they break down mind-bending topics so they are accessible to everyone? How do they get a new generation excited about how our world works? How do they help us all understand our scientific past and the options for an uncertain future? Let’s explore the exciting world of Science Comics together!” Featuring Jérémie Royer, Lillian Melcher, and Ryan North. Moderated by Jam.

2:45 PM – When the Whirlwind Passes: Spotlight on Jamie McKelvie, Kieron Gillen, & Stephanie Hans – Join titans Jamie McKelvie, Kieron Gillen, and Stephanie Hans as they talk about endings (for Wicked + Divine) and beginning (for Die!). Moderated by David Brothers.


High Park Ballroom 1 (Marriott)


11:00 AM – Nobody’s Fool: Bill Griffith Spotlight – Bill Griffith is an underground comix legend joining us at TCAF this year to debut his brand new book, Nobody’s Fool. In conversation with Mark Askwith, Bill will discuss what has drawn him to the story of Schlitzie The Pinhead, as well as his own fascinating comics history.

12:15 PM – The Invisible Editors – Editing, when done well, goes unnoticed by readers. But the role and culture of editors looks different throughout the industry. This panel hosts 5 stellar editors in a round-table discussion on the process of ushering new comics into the world. Featuring Bill Campbell (Rosarium Publishing), Erwan Roux (Glénat), Gina Gagliano (Random House Graphics), Thomas Ragnon (Dargaud), and Zainab Akhtar (Short Box, PEOW).

1:30 PM – Canadian Cartooning: Then and Now – Canada has a long and rich history of excellent cartooning. Hear about it from the people who were there! Join Joan Steacy (Aurora Borealice), Michael Cherkas (Silent Invasion), Siris (The Vagabond Valise), and Jeffrey Ellis (Cloudscape Comics) as they talk about their histories in comics, and how they seen the scene now. Moderated by Brendan Montgomery.

2:45 PM – Mayor of MacDoodle St: Mark Alan Stamaty Spotlight – Renowned political cartoonist and children’s book illustrator Mark Alan Stamaty is back with a fantastic reprint of MacDoodle St. (his Village Voice strip), and the upcoming reissue of his Yellow Yellow picturebook. In this interview with Calvin Reid (Publishers Weekly), Mark’ll cover his long and varied comics career, as well as why now is the best time for his big return!

4:00 PM – Explosive Action: David Rubín Spotlight – David Rubín is an amazingly prolific artist, having drawn such fantastic books as Aurora West, The Hero, Beowulf, Sherlock Frankenstein, Rumble, Ether, and more. Come and hear about his latest book, The Grand Abyss Hotel (a political satire on democracy today through the lense of hyper-violence), and learn about what he is surely already working on next. Moderated by Aaron Broverman.



11:00 AM – Belonging: Nora Krug Spotlight – Nora Krug’s latest book Belonging is a hybrid graphic novel, family scrapbook, investigative narrative that looks at her family’s role and relationship to Nazi Germany and WW2. Spanning continents and generations, Krug will be exploring the responsibilities and difficulties for her generation and beyond. Sunday 11:00 AM 12:00 PM

12:00 PM – Drawing in Tongues: Anders Nilsen Spotlight – Anders Nilsen’s comics are always evolving. Over the past two decades his work has played in different narrative styles and structures, winning awards and accolades, and being translated into multiple languages. Join Anders in conversation with Irene Velentzas as they discuss what has kept him engaged in comics for all these years, and what’s getting him excited about his latest series, Tongues.

2:45 PM – BTTM FDRS: The Unconventional Comics Journeys of Ezra Claytan Daniels & Ben Passmore – Across multiple formats, media, and technologies, Ezra Claytan Daniels and Ben Passmore have traveled a long way through many worlds of what comics can be. Join them in conversation with Philippe Leblanc (Comics Beat) as they chat about the roads that lead them to their brand new book, BTTM FDRS.

High Park Ballroom 2 & 3 (Marriott)


11:00 AM – On a Sunbeam with Tillie Walden – Over the past few years, critically-acclaimed cartoonist Tillie Walden has taken the comics world by storm. Her work has won everything from Eisner Awards to Igntazes, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down! In this panel Tillie will be talking about her Lambda Literary Award nominated On a Sunbeam, as well as the upcoming Are You Listening?

12:15 PM – Fans Service: Seth Spotlight – The wait is over! The collected Clyde Fans finally brings together a story about economic and familial decline that has been decades in the making. Join Seth in conversation with Conan Tobias (Doug Wright Awards) as they discuss what it took to live with this work for so long, and how it feels to finally have it out in the world.

1:30 PM – Been There Dundas: Fives Years of Toronto Comics – We’re used to seeing superheroes save New York, but what about the heroes (and wizards, robots, and monsters) right here in Toronto? In this panel, moderated by Ardo Omer, Pitiful Human-Lizard creator Jason Loo and Toronto Comic Anthology editors Steven Andrews, Stephanie Cooke, and Allison O’Toole will discuss how Toronto has influenced their own work, and has fostered some of the best talent and stories in comics.

2:45 PM – Creators for Creators in Conversation – Creators for Creators is an independent non-profit organization intended to encourage, support, and promote original works through grants and education. 2017 Grant Recipient M. Dean is joined by David Brothers, Nick Dragotta, and Kieron Gillen to talk about C4C’s impact, and where the organization grows from here.

4:00 PM – The FLIGHT Anthology Reunion Panel – A discussion of the history and impact of the award-winning FLIGHT anthology series. 12 years after its initial publication, many of the contributors have since gone on to have successful careers in graphic novels and animation. Join founder and editor Kazu Kibuishi, with contributors Bannister, Jason Caffoe, Tony Cliff, Stu Livingston, Fabio Moon, Richard Pose, Katie Shanahan, Kean Soo, Joey Weiser, and other special guests for a look back and discussion of FLIGHT’s continuing influence on comic anthologies today!



11:00 AM – Careful Chaos: Lucy Knisley Spotlight – Lucy Knisley’s comics regularly cover themes of memory, identity, food, and family. But as catalogued in Kid Gloves, how do these all shift through Lucy’s personal transition into motherhood? Join Lucy in conversation with Jimmy Aquino (Comic News Insider), as they explore the history and science of reproductive health from all angles.

12:00 PM – Arriving: Emily Carroll Spotlight – Eisner and the British Fantasy Award winner Emily Carroll is back with the TCAF debuting When I Arrived at the Castle. Join her and Erica Friedman as they discuss the excellently eerie new book, and dive a bit into the horrors that lie just under the surface.

1:30 PM – Inter-Generational Comics – Moderator Kevin Czap brings together a collection of panelists from various ages and stages of their careers, talking about their perspectives on the culture, industry, and the future of comics. Featuring David Rubín (The Grand Abyss Hotel), Hartley Lin (Young Frances), Kelsey Wroten (Cannonball), Mark Alan Stamaty (MacDoodle St.), and Molly Mendoza (Skip).

2:45 PM – Writing for Others – Writing for yourself is one thing. Writing for an audience is another. But writing for a collaborator? That’s a whole new ball game. Join Vivek Shraya (Death Threat), Jamila Rowser (Wash Day), Richard Marazano (Milo’s World), Andrew Wheeler and BC Holmes (Shout Out)  as they discuss the responsibility and balance that comes in writing when someone else draws. Moderated by Glen Downey.


Rosedale Room (Marriott)


11:00 AM – Workshop – Colour Design w/ Anna Kwan – Anna Kwan (Wavering Line Collective) captured her month-long correspondence with Colombian artist Mariana Gil Ríos in a series of fun and vibrant postcards. Come and learn how you too can select the right colours for capturing the perfect mood. And check out the postcards here: blindpostcards.date

12:30 PM – Workshop – Backgrounds w/ Jade Armstrong – Background illustrator by day! Self-Publishing powerhouse by night! Jade Armstrong (Hello Boyfriend) is here to share their knowledge and experience when it comes to drawing scenery, settings, and background!

2:00 to 5:00 PM – Workshop – Zine Making w/ Rabeea Syed – Toronto-based zinester and artist Rabeea Syed is excited to show and share the ways that zines are able to express so much, and still be an accessible form of media for all. Come and learn about how easy they can be to make and that there are no limitations on how they’re made and who makes them!

Summerhill Room (Marriott)


11:00 AM – Resilience, Resurgence, and Own Voice Stories: Impacting Change Through Graphic NovelsThis Place: 150 Years Retold explores the last 150 years through the eyes of Indigenous creators. These stories are a wild ride through magic realism, serial killings, psychic battles, and time travel. Funded through Canada Council’s New Chapter initiative, This Place is beyond just a counter-view on the nation’s confederacy narrative. It’s also a chance to look at how Indigenous creators are exploring culture, language, community, resiliency, resurgency, and truth in their own voices. Featuring Jen Storm and Kateri Akiwenzi-Damm. Moderated by David Robertson.

12:15 PM – Søren Mosdal | Basquiat: A Graphic Novel – The dazzling, provocative work of Jean-Michel Basquiat would come to define the vibrant New York art scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Punk, jazz, graffiti, hip-hop: his work drew heavily on the cultural trappings of Lower Manhattan, to which he fled – from Brooklyn – at the age of 15. Søren Mosdal and Julian Voloj’s Basquiat, the latest book in SelfMadeHero’s Art Masters series, is a semi-fictionalised biography of the archetypal New York artist. Grounded in true events, from the SAMO graffiti project to encounters with Andy Warhol, Basquiat is propelled by a clash between the artist and his demons. In this Q&A, Danish cartoonist Søren Mosdal talks to Comic News Insider’s Jimmy Aquino about his approach to capturing the inner and outer lives of an artist whose work today shines brighter than ever before.

1:30 PM – Rx: Spotlight on Rachel Lindsay – Rachel Lindsay’s Rx is a gripping memoir about her experience working in psychopharmaceutical advertising and subsequent hospitalization for bipolar mania. Come and join for this special presentation on the book, creating memoir, and personal health!

2:45 PM – Stripmakers: Comics in the Netherlands – Join Margreet de Heer (Comics Laureate of the Netherlands!) and Typex (Rising Superstar!) as they interview each other about the past, present, and future of the Dutch comics scene.

4:00 PM – Spotlight: Aimée de Jongh – Dutch cartoonist Aimée de Jongh burst onto the comics scene with the award-winning The Return of the Honey Buzzard, a magical realist fiction about grief, love, our actions and their consequences. Her latest two books confirm her status as one of Europe’s brightest young talents. Blossoms in Autumn (SelfMadeHero), a collaboration with veteran Belgian writer Zidrou, is a compelling drama about growing old and falling in love, while Taxi! Stories From the Back Seat (Conundrum), de Jongh’s first autobiographical work, is an homage to the taxi driver in the age of Uber. In this Q&A, Aimée de Jongh joins Comic News Insider’s Jimmy Aquino to discuss her career to date and her approach to cartooning.



11:00 AM – Your First GN – There are so many ways to build your comics career, but one milestone we can all agree upon is publishing your first book! Come and join Byron Eggenschwiler (Operatic), D Boyd (Chicken Rising), Molly Mendoza (Skip), and Ness Lee (Death Threat), as they share about their varied paths that lead them to their First Graphic Novels. Moderated by David Brothers.

12:00 PM – Wage Slaves: Daria Bogdanska Spotlight – Daria Bogdanska’s Wage Slaves is a personal account of labour and immigration in Malmö, Sweden. Alongside interviewer Tamara Kawar, this spotlight panel explores the connections between employment, citizenship, and community.

1:30 PM – Antifa Comic Books: Gord Hill Spotlight – Gord Hill is the author of The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book, and The Antifa Comic Book. Join him and Brigid Alverson as they talk about his art, as well as his involvement in Indigenous people’s and anti-globalization movements.

2:45 PM – Chunky Roots: Craig Thompson Spotlight – Craig Thompson has made a lasting impact on independent comics with his award-winning works like Blankets, Habibi and Good-bye Chunky Rice. His art often explores religious and cultural norms in ways that inspires both connection and controversy. With interviewer Aaron Broverman (Speech Bubble Podcast), Craig will be discussing his career and his latest work, Ginseng Roots, which marks his return to serialized comics

Cumberland Terrace, 2 Bloor St. W.

2nd Floor Programming Space


3:00 PM – The Zero Dollar Store – The Zero Dollar Store invites the public to participate in alternative ways to “purchase” a zine. Acceptable “currency” includes but is not limited to: playing rock-paper-scissors, learning a short ukulele song, gaming with us on NDSs, or drawing us a mythical animal. Each activity gets you barter access to our community collection of small art multiples – zines, stickers, buttons, and more! The Zero Dollar Store aims to reject repressive and isolating systems of capitalism, and honour active participation, presence, play, interaction, and community. All ages welcome, no prior experience in any activities required.



3:00 PM – Break and Make Zines – Break and Make Zines takes collected objects – found or inherited, broken or whole, physical or imaginary, present or lost – and creates zines that explores memory, cultural heritage, ancestry, mending, restoring, and personal narratives. We invite the public to bring in a significant object* and re-make it using collage, drawing, scanning, and printing into a zine. We aim to generate meaningful and wholesome discourse on identity while utilizing the zine-making process as a healing and creative activity. *We will have available objects at the table for people to play around with, but do encourage participants to bring their own, or use something of significance that they already have on them. All ages are welcome, in particular we invite families (born and/or chosen) to collaborate and create a family heritage zine.”


Japan Foundation, 2 Bloor St. E.

Suite 300


12:00 PM – Spotlight: Hiromi Takashima – One of yuri manga’s most popular creators, Hiromi Takashima is the author of the Kase-san and… series of manga volumes, published in English by Seven Seas. In this spotlight interview, Yuri manga publisher and historian Erica Friedman will interview Takashima-sensei on her career, and the importance of yuri manga. Japanese interpretation provided by Mimmy Shen. Please note that no photographs will be allowed at this event, at Takashima-sensei’s request This program and signing requires advance registration – Click Here.

3:00 PM – Special Presentation: Independent Comics Tokyo – Join Eriko Obayashi from Popotame Books & Gallery, and Ayumi Nakayama from bookstore Taco Che, as they discuss the thriving subcultures of independent comics and manga art in Tokyo. Moderated by Deb Aoki. Japanese interpretation by Mimmy Shen.