Watch this page as we update it with Merchandise from TCAF 2019!

TCAF 2019 Official Posters!


2019 Poster by Lorena Alvarez

2019 Poster by Junji Ito

2019 Poster by Seth

This year’s official TCAF Posters by Lorena Alvarez, Junji Ito, and Seth, are available at the event in beautifully printed editions! Printed at 13″ x 21.5″ on bright white matte stock, the art looks luscious on the page! $10 each or all 3 for $20.

TCAF Merchandise

TCAF Screenprint Shirt Designed by Hartley Lin (aka Ethan Rilly) – $25
Release in 2018, Hartley Lin designed a great shirt that maaaaaaybe pokes fun at the fact that May is a bit rainy in Toronto.

TCAF Dye-Sublimated T-Shirt, designed by Eleanor Davis – $40
Based on Eleanor Davis’ incredible 2017 TCAF Poster.



TCAF Mug, designed by Hartley Lin – $15 each or 2 for $25
This amazing street-scape pays homage to TCAF’s origins on Bloor Street, and it’s great.

As always there’s an amazing array of other great TCAF shirts, books, and assorted merchandise available at Page & Panel, come check it out…!

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is a registered not-for-profit organization, and your purchasing these or any items at Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop directly supports the festival and everything we do. Thank you! Likewise, supporting all of our sponsors, including The Beguiling Books & Art, keeps them healthy and supporting TCAF as well.