Tamamo the Fox Maiden and Other Asian Stories (Anthology)

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Tamamo the Fox Maiden and Other Asian Stories
Edited by Kel McDonald & Kate Ashwin, by various authors
208 pages, US$15, Published by Iron Circus Comics

“And they lived happily ever after . . . I assume.”

Vengeful spirits, flying ogres, helpful teapots, ghost pepper ghosts, and trickster tigers? That’s just the start of this lively collection of Asian folktales, reimagined and retold in comics!

This second volume of the “Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales” graphic novel series is a thrilling, funny, and totally unexpected take on stories spanning the entirety of the Asian continent, with loads of lesser-known myths and legends from Tibet, India, Indonesia, and beyond.

Edited by Kel McDonald and Kate Ashwin, and featuring the talents of Lucy Bellwood, Terry Blas, Jason Caffoe, Shannon Campbell, Ron Chan, Nicole Chartrand, Sabrina Cotugno, Jonathan Dalton, Blue Delliquanti, Nick Dragotta, Cat Farris, Ayano Hattori, Caitlyn Kurilich, Stu Livingston, Nilah Magruder, Nina Matsumoto, Meredith McClaren, Carla Speed McNeil, Randy Milholland, Molly “Jakface” Nemecek, Jose Pimienta, Andrew Sides, and Gene Luen Yang. (Bolded creators will attend TCAF)