Popocomi Vol. 1

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Popocomi Vol. 1
By Various Artists
$15 CAD, Published by Popotame

This anthology presents the first English translation of a selection of twelve short stories from the comics anthology popocomi (vol 1—5 + one special edition), published irregularly by Japanese bookstore and gallery Popotame. Each of the twelve different artists offer their own unique perspective on manga in these original works.

Cover design by Maiko Dake.
A5 size, black and white, 98 pages, edition of 500.
Publisher: popotame.com

Including stories by:

  • Maiko Dake – dakemaiko.com/
  • MISSISSIPPI – mississippi-kyoto.com, Instagram @mississippi.kyoto
  • Izumi Fujimura – fujimuraizumi.tumblr.com, Instagram @desucha_izumi
  • Hiroya Kaya – kayahiroya.com, conico.co
  • Yuki Takahashi – takahashiyuki.com

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