Mizola Ma

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Miloza Ma was born in Hong Kong in 1984. Now an illustrator and toy designer, she is a diversified creator. After holding a small exhibition in 2013, she devoted herself to personal creation. Her three-dimensional work was awarded twice in the “Hong Kong Original Anime Man-design Competition” and had been exhibited in the “Taipei Toy Creation Exhibition” many times. In January 2016, she held her solo exhibition “The Axis of Life” and launched her first personal Zine of the same name. In December, the first solo exhibition “The Fairy Twins ” was held in Taiwan. In July 2017, Sanlian Bookstore published her first commercial painting book, “The Life of Empty Life”. In September, she was invited by Hong Kong Art Centre to participate in “PLAY! – Hong Kong Manga Roving Exhibition” Helsinki (Finland) Station. In December of the same year, she returned to promote the dreamy “Ribbon Lady – Escaping Wonderland” story Zine, and in 2018 brought the manuscript to the Taiwan Art Gallery. In 2019, together with 8 local creative units, they launched the “Beautiful Land” book for the concept of toys and illustrations, now mainly being promoted in Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, alongside with its own series of trend toys series Angel Cat and Lady.