May 11: QUEER MIXER 2019!

TCAF Queer Mixer 2019!
@ Glad Day Books, 499 Church Street
Saturday May 11th 6pm to 9pm
Free to attend

Join us once again for the TCAF Queer Mixer, hosted by Glad Day Books! This annual event is a place for queer and/or trans comics creators, readers, publishers, and other comics-involved folks to mix, mingle, and meet.

We’re hosted once again by Glad Day Bookshop, a bookshop/bar/cafe/restaurant/party spot that is also the world’s oldest LGBTQ+ book store! Come grab a beverage of your choice and browse the shelves of this historic and vital spot in the heart of Toronto’s queer village.

There’s lots going on during the Saturday of TCAF, so the queer mixer is intended to be informal, and we encourage you to drop by any time in the early evening before heading out to the rest of your fabulous evenings, whatever they may hold!

Celebrate queer and trans comics together with us at TCAF’s Queer Mixer!