Margreet de Heer

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Margreet de Heer lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with her husband Yiri T. Kohl and theie cat Toto. A long time ago, Margreet studied Theology at the University of Amsterdam, but through divine intervention she ended up being a comic artist. She worked at the famous comic store Lambiek from 2000 until 2005, and wrote a book about Dutch comics together with Kees Kousemaker.

Since 2005, the same year she contributed to the 24 Hour Comic Day Anthology, she is a full-time comic artist producing a wide range of work, from children’s comics in magazines to cartoons at business conferences.

In 2007 she started making philosophical comic “reports” for newspaper Trouw. This resulted in a book edition in 2010 which was published in the US by NBM Publishing with the title ‘Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics’ in 2012.

Margreet continued the series with a comic book about religion in 2011, followed by one about science in 2012. The latter was published in the US with the title ‘Science: a Discovery in Comics’, in September 2013. ‘Religion: a Discovery in Comics’ appeared in October 2015.

Margreet de Heer attends TCAF with the support of the Dutch Literature Foundation, and to celebrate the TCAF Debuting Love: A History in Comics from NBM.