Little Russia, by Francis Desharnais

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Little Russia
By Francis Desharnais
$24.95, 180 Pages
Published by Pow Pow Press

Guyenne is a small village north-east of Amos. Unlike other communities in Abitibi, Guyenne is a cooperative : 50% of all the money its inhabitants make goes to developing the colony. People in the vicinity have a nickname for it : they call it “Little Russia”. Inspired by the story of his grandparents, who lived in Guyenne from 1948 to 1968, Little Russia sees author Francis Desharnais delving into his own family’s past to explore Qu├ębec’s rural heritage through the lens of both grassroots socialism and early feminism. An intimate story of epic scale, Little Russia is a fascinating foray into an unusual and often forgotten social experiment.