Kieron Gillen

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Kieron Gillen first came to attention in his 2006 collaboration with Jamie McKelvie, Phonogram, published by Image Comics. Jamie and he have yet to escape each other, and have somehow roped the otherwise innocent Matt Wilson into this unfortunate pop-comics Katamari. Their most successful collaborative work is their 2014 ongoing series, The Wicked + The Divine, and their fan-favourite take on Young Avengers is still very fondly remembered. Kieron’s other creator-owned books include Three and the recently-launched Die, with Stephanie Hans, both from Image Comics, and Uber and Mercury Heat for Avatar Press. His other books include many titles published by Marvel including properties like Star Wars, Thor, and the X-Men. He lives in London. He’s listening to Sound and Vision. He’s stopping writing now.

Kieron Gillen will attend TCAF in celebration the conclusion to his long-running series The Wicked + The Divine with Jamie McKelvie.