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Jonathan Ng, a.k.a. JonJon, is an award winning, multi-disciplinary animation filmmaker whose unique set of hand-made styles focus on merging themes of action, experience and fantasy. His last film Requiem for Romance, a water ink slice of life, has toured festivals around the world, winning Best Art Direction at Anima Mundi in Brazil before being badged by Vimeo Staff Picks and being presented to the major studios in California as part of the Animation Show of Shows. Having worked in the animation industry since 2004, his feature animation credits include The Little Prince, April and the Extraordinary World, and The Day of the Crows. Jonathan is best known for one of his earliest films, Asthma Tech, produced at the National Film Board of Canada, a semi-autobiographical tale which was rendered in his original style of youthful flare. His work continued to evolve into Floor Kids which started out as a series of short animated b-boy battles in co-creation with Kid Koala. Floor Kids has now been produced as a video game by MERJ. As VP Creative of the company, JonJon drives the art, visual design, storytelling, animation, choreographic graphics, and guiding the art pipeline.

instagram:  @JonJonAnimation
twitter:  @JonJonAnimation

JonJon attends TCAF in support of his new project Floor Kids.

JonJon’s trip to TCAF is supported by MERJ and Arts & Crafts.