Ghost Water Kiss

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Ghost Water Kiss
By Jessica Bromley Bartram
$24 CAD, Published by Popnoir Editions

GHOST WATER KISS is a collection of illustrated short stories woven through with mysterious transformations and attuned to the rhythms of the natural world. In the stories of GHOST WATER KISS, seas are filled with weird songs that rise from the deep, forests are populated by shambling, mossy ‘Once Deer’ and bear-armed caretakers, and bodies shift from what they were to something strange and new.

Written and illustrated by Jessica Bromley Bartram, the book brings together a range of stories she created/self-published between 2012-17, including ‘Sargasso’, ‘Frostbitten’, and ‘She Loves’. In addition to revised editions of her existing stories, GHOST WATER KISS will include a number of new and expanded works.

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