Entreviñetas - Colombian Comics Delegation

Creators / Featured Guests

Entreviñetas is a Colombian comics and illustration non-profit organisation and platform working since 2010. Devoted to the promotion the art of comics, it is in charge of the Festival Entreviñetas, one of the most influential comics events in Latin America, an unique cultural program that year after year brings authors, publishers, scholars and critics inspiring changes and new ways to see and read the art of comics in the world.

Attending from Entreviñetas are: 

Edi Jímenez: Edi Jiménez is a proudly queer, fat and latino artist, born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. Jiménez studied fine arts at Universidad Nacional de Colombia and has been working in illustration, animation and theatre. He is currently developing his tattoo work and my first comic CarnationWorks with Entreviñetas coordinating events and volunteers.  Edi is a rad artist who makes comic work about queerness, the body, gender…. his style is unique! His comic Carnationed debuted with an exhibition at Entreviñetas Bogotá 2018. He is also a key organizer at Rat Trap, an anarchist arts space and silkscreen collective in Bogotá. Edi is also amazing tattoo artist. Check out his instagram @yourdough

Juan David Quintero: Also works with Entreviñetas helping coordinate workshops. He is also kind of from the punk scene and makes work.

Lorena Alvarez: Lorena Alvarez was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia and will attend TCAF in support of her Festival debut Hicotea, the second book in the Nightlights series, published by NoBrow Entertainment. Lorena Alvarez is also part of TCAF’s 2019 spotlight on Colombian comics, and the artist of one of our official festival posters.


Entreviñetas can be found at the following:

Saturday May 11

9:00-5:00: TCAF Exhibitor Booth 324 (Toronto Reference Library, 3rd Floor)
11:30-1:00: Workshop – Bookmaking w/ Juan David Quintero at the Discussion Room (Toronto Reference Library, 3rd Floor)

Sunday May 12

10:00-5:00: TCAF Exhibitor Booth 324 (Toronto Reference Library, 3rd Floor)
12:00-1:30: Workshop – Making Tattoo Flash Sheets w/ Edi Jiménez at the Discussion Room (Toronto Reference Library, 3rd Floor)
2:45-3:45: Colombian Cartooning Spotlight at the Learning Center 1 (Toronto Reference Library, 1st Floor)