Darwin: An Exceptional Voyage, by Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer

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Darwin: An Exceptional Voyage
by Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer
Published by Nobrow. Hardcover, full colour, 184 pages, US$22.95

The year is 1831. A gifted yet somewhat distracted young man named Charles Darwin has been offered a place aboard the H.M.S. Beagle. The journey will change both his life and the course of modern science…

This is an intelligent and immersive graphic novel from award-winning duo Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer that follows legendary scientist Charles Darwin as he embarks on the voyage that began his career. Join him on a journey of thrilling discovery as he explores remote corners of the natural world and pieces together the very beginnings of his revolutionary theory of evolution.

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