Alexandre Clérisse

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Born in 1980, Alexandre Clérisse first got started in comics back in 1999, fresh out of high school, by experimenting with a number of zines and self-publishing projects. After obtaining a diploma in the visual arts in 2002, he began to gain experience in the field with various illustration projects, including posters, layouts, and other artwork for festivals, cultural associations, and private companies. In 2003, he returned to comics in a big way when he began studying the craft in Angoulême. There things took off, and it wasn’t long before he was collaborating on serious graphic novel projects. His first solo project came in 2007, with the engrossing Jazz Club (Dargaud, Europe Comics in English), where his characteristic style already jumps off the page. Clerisse’s first publication in English is the comics-adjacent work Now Playing: A Seek-and-Find Book for Film Buffs (Chronicle). Recently, Clérisse has teamed up with scriptwriter Thierry Smolderen to produce two other spectacular and award-winning graphic novels with Dargaud, the otherworldly Atomic Empire, IDW, Nov. 2018) and the psychadelic Diabolical Summer (2019), which will be debuting at TCAF.

Alexandre Clerisse attends TCAF with the support of the French Embassy to Canada, and EuropeComics.


Alexandre Clérisse can be found at the following:

Saturday May 11

11:00-12:00: Français et Loin: Contemporary European French Comics at the Forest Hill Ballroom (Yorkville Marriott, 90 Bloor St. E)

Sunday May 12

10:30-11:30: Art of Genre at the Hinton Learning Theatre (Toronto Reference Library, 3rd Floor)