Alchemical Graphics

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Alchemical Graphics
By Hironori Kikuchi
$30 CAD, Published by TACO ché

Ever since his debut in the manga magazine Garo in 1995, Hironori Kikuchi has drawn surrealistic stories, but in 2011, he began drawing in a new style, using manga techniques to depict images from dreams—both sleeping and waking. The work he’s created over the past eight years is frequently described as “alchemy”, some combination of ancient etching and woodblock print techniques. Now these previously unreleased pieces have been collected in a new volume, Alchemical Graphics. Filled with detailed, elaborate linework, these black and white images are somehow like excavated lithographs or perhaps messages from aliens.

With the help of Pakito Bolino from French publishing arts collective Le Dernier Cri, the cover design is embossed in gold leaf, in homage to the profound art of alchemy.

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