A Shining Beacon

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A Shining Beacon
By James Albon
$25.99, Published by Top Shelf Productions / IDW Publishing

Pictures at a revolution: acclaimed graphic novelist James Albon (“”Her Bark and Her Bite””) explores the role of the artist in a frighteningly familiar near-future of tyrannical regimes and popular revolts.

Francesca Saxon, artist and loyal citizen of the nation, is thrilled when she receives a commission to design the central mural of an epic new swimming pool: the jewel in the crown for an insecure regime obsessed by propaganda. Leaving the comfort of her coastal hometown for the lap of luxury of the capital, she is swept up in the paranoia of a government threatened by underground revolutionaries, whose promise of a freer, happier future looks increasingly appealing. Torn between rival factions and her personal loyalties, she realises that when ideology has a stranglehold on art, the picture is rarely pretty.

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