Sean Azzopardi


I am a Hull based cartoonist who has attended a variety of comics related events, both locally and internationally. I have also been involved with collectives and was a founding member of London Underground Comics, and currently in- volved with The Crouch End Festival. I have also organised and curated CECAF, Crouch Ends first cartoon festival.
I’ve produced numerous mini comics and books for my Phatcomics imprint, in- cluding acclaimed titles such as Ed, Twelve Hour Shift and Dark Matters. Away from self published titles I’ve worked on Necessary Monsters (First comics) and The Voice Of The Hall ( Soaring Penguin ). Recently I have received funding from The Arts Council to work on a Graphic Novel, title The Sea Shepherd, A work based on marine activists. I have also contributed to 24 panels, a comic covering issues faced by Survivors Of Grenfell Tower fire.