Iron Circus Comics

Creators / Publishers

Iron Circus Comics is Chicago’s largest comics publisher. Dedicated to publishing strange and amazing comics, amplifying unique voices, and giving artists a fair deal, ICC has blazed the trail for the small-press Kickstarter renaissance.

Owned and operated by C. Spike Trotman, ICC was founded in the spring of 2007
to publish the print edition of Spike’s webcomic, the eccentric and acclaimed
Templar, Arizona. It has since gone on to single-handedly revitalize the small
press comics world with collaborative anthologies like the Smut Peddler
collections, creator-owned works like E.K. Weaver’s Eisner-nominated The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, and Melanie Gillman’s Stonewall-
Honored, Eisner-nominated As the Crow Flies.

In 2017, it celebrated 10 years in publishing with a profile in the Chicago Tribune,
and by making its millionth dollar on Kickstarter. A pioneer in crowdfunding, ICC
launches most of its books on Kickstarter, setting an example on the platform that other, more established publishers were quick to imitate.