5 Worlds 3: THE RED MAZE

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5 Worlds 3: THE RED MAZE
By Mark & Alexis Siegel, Boya Sun, Xanthe Bouma & Matt Rockefeller
$17.99 CAD SC, $27.99 CAD HC, Published by Penguin Random House

“This stellar team has created a gorgeous and entrancing world like no other!”
—Noelle Stevenson, New York Times bestselling author of Nimona

In the third volume of the 5 WORLDS series, Oona Lee is determined to light Moon Yatta’s beacon and continue her quest to save the galaxy. But reaching the red beacon means navigating an impossible maze of pipes and facing devious enemies at every turn. Luckily, her friend Jax Amboy has returned from his adventures transformed! Now he must confront the owner of his former starball team, a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to get his best player back on the field . . . and who can grant them access to the beacon. Meanwhile, Oona and An Tzu find a mysterious rebel leader and release a surprising power within Oona’s magical arts. Will they make it in time to stop the evil force seeking to rule the 5 Worlds?