Welcome to TCAF 2021!

Here is a complete list of this year’s exhibitors. All of these amazing creators, collectives, small presses and publishers will have their works available in our online marketplace from May 8th until May 15th.

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MARK SIEGEL has written and illustrated several award-winning picture books and graphic novels; he is also the founder and editorial director of First Second Books.ALEXIS SIEGEL is a writer and the translator of a number of bestselling graphic novels.XANTHE BOUMA is an illustrator based in Southern California. When not working on picture books, fashion illustration, and comics, Xanthe enjoys soaking up the beachside sun.MATT ROCKEFELLER is an illustrator and comic artist living in Portland, OR. His work has appeared in several formats including animation, book covers, and picture books.BOYA SUN is an illustrator and co-author of the graphic novel Chasma Knights. Originally from China, Boya has traveled from Canada to the United States.
A.C. Esguerra
A.C. Esguerra (a.k.a. blueludebar) is a Los Angeles-based comics artist and illustrator. They work primarily in traditional ink and watercolor. Previous clients include BOOM! Studios, Gallery Nucleus, Nucleus Portland and Northwest Press. They are a regular writing contributor for Baum-kuchen Studio. Their debut graphic novel, EIGHTY DAYS, is slated for publication by Archaia in August 2021. The novella version of the story won a PRISM Comics Queer Press Grant in 2016.
Aaron Navrady
Aaron Navrady’s current self published comics project is ‘The Cold Fire’, a medieval epic about a Norman Crusader who joins a company of knights tasked with pursuing heretics across the Alps during the Albigensian Crusade. It can be found at thecoldfire.com. Other projects include a short story on the history of the Grey Cup for Nelson Education, a zombie apocolypse mini comic promoting BionX power-assist bicycle tech and various short travel stories for Top Shelf 2.0. Aaron Navrady graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design (now AUarts) in 2002. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Aaron is a proud member of Panel One and former Art Director of the Panel One Comic Creator Festival.
Abrams Books
Founded in 1949, ABRAMS was the first company in the United States to specialize in publishing art and illustrated books. The company continues to publish critically acclaimed and bestselling works in the areas of art, photography, cooking, craft, comics, interior and garden design, entertainment, fashion, and popular culture; children’s books ranging from middle grade to young adult fiction to picture books to board books. ABRAMS creates and distributes brilliantly designed books with the highest production values under the following imprints: Abrams; Abrams ComicArts; Abrams Image; Abrams Press; The Overlook Press; Abrams Books for Young Readers; Amulet Books; Abrams Appleseed; and a gift and stationery line, Abrams Noterie. ABRAMS also distributes books for Blackwell & Ruth, Booth-Clibborn Editions, Cameron + Company, Alain Ducasse Édition, Getty Publications, Lucky Spool, The Museum of Modern Art, Obvious State, SelfMadeHero, Tate Publishing, V&A Publishing, and The Vendome Press.
Achiru et al. (1988) was born in Alberta, Canada to Hong Kong immigrant parents, and grew up watching anime and reading manga from Japan. They have been creating webcomics for almost 20 years, migrating across many online platforms. She is currently directing the Mann and Lucky Channel series on Webtoons, which updates twice a week, following the intimate conversations of two queer couples and their genderbend counterparts in an urban fantasy setting. No topic is taboo. Follow them navigate mental health, grief, sex and money, etc. because we just want life to work for us as adults.
AdHouse Books
AdHouse Books LLC has been a boutique publishing juggernaut since the year of 2002. Over the years, they have won and been nominated for awards within the comic profession (Ignatz, Harvey, Eisner) and the design world (AIGA, Communication Arts, Domtar Paper). Their library of publications is an eclectic mix of sequential and illustrative arts.
American comic book creator, Andrew MacLean, is the creator, artist, and writer of HEAD LOPPER, the Diamond Gem Award-winning series published by Image Comics. ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times (2015, 2020), his post-apocalyptic sci-fi graphic novel, was published by Dark Horse Comics and was nominated for a YALSA award. Published in more than 7 different languages, Andrew has also worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Warner Bros., Hasbro, etc. on a variety of projects in both comics and animation. In addition, Andrew is a co-founder and Creative Director of the lifestyle brand, Laser Wolf Attack, where art and apparel meet the street. Andrew likes coffee, whiskey, and heavy metal, and lives just outside of Boston with his wife, Erin, and their adorable pup, Lola.
Angela O’Hara
Angela O’Hara works as a lead artist in the video game industry and moonlights as a fantasy artist and comic creator. Angela has 8 years of experience creating concept and production art for casual games, as well as cover art credits on tabletop roleplaying games and books. She released her original fantasy comic “The Moonstone Diadem” in late 2020 following a successful Kickstarter campaign. She enjoys creating the kind of artwork and stories that she would have loved as a kid growing up.
Argle Bargle Books is a Canadian black-owned business. Our main goal is to publish graphic novels and art books that exuberantly threaten the status quo. Through satire, we aim to interrogate established and existing systems of beliefs, questioning and poking fun at cultural values, when necessary. With a high level of social engagement, we uphold a progressive outlook for the future.
Ari S. Mulch
Ari Mulch is a lesbian horror cartoonist, painter, and printmaker based in the Minneapolis, MN. They’re a recent MCAD grad with self published titles Loan From The Girl Zone, Changeling, Going Wodwo no. 1, The Prometheite, and Black Bile published by Uncivilzed Books.
Arsenal Pulp Press
Arsenal Pulp Press is a book publisher based in Vancouver. Our graphic titles include memoirs, books on social issues, and works by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators. Among our best-known titles are Blue is the Warmest Color (Julie Maroh), The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book and The Antifa Comic Book (Gord Hill), and Death Threat (Vivek Shraya and Ness Lee).
Atomic Robo
Atomic Robo follows the Eisner-nominated adventures and life story of the atomic robot that Nikola Tesla built in 1923 and raised as his son. There’s talking dinosaurs, angry A.I., military conspiracies, and sometimes an explosion. Each story arc is self contained so you can hop in and read whatever genre suits you! Words by Brian Clevinger and art by Scott Wegener!
Batabing Bataboom
Gabor Bata is a Montreal-based artist. He graduated from Illustration & Design at Dawson College in 2015 and studied a year in Concordia’s Film Animation program. He then transitioned fully into Studio Arts, from which he received a BFA in 2019. He’s participated in small press festivals such as CAB, Expozine, and TCAF. He co-edited and curated the comics anthology series RUFF HAUS, and has just produced his first published comic book with his brother and klubzin titled The Fortunate Isle. He’s currently doing his MFA in painting & drawing at Concordia University.
Benjamin Rivers
Benjamin Rivers is an veteran game developer and comic artist in Toronto, Canada. Both his interactive works (Home, Alone With You, Worse Than Death) and sequential projects (Empty Words, Snow) have been lauded and featured in news media worldwide. His graphic novel, Snow, was nominated for a Gene Day Award.
Between the Lines
Between the Lines is a social movement press founded in 1977. We publish nonfiction books that expose and challenge oppression in our society. We aim to amplify the struggles of Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities; migrants; women; queer folks; and working-class people. BTL is proudly left-wing and the books we publish reflect our activist roots and our commitment to social justice struggles. BTL authors are academics, journalists, artists, and activists—all our authors hope their books will spark political and social change.
Black Panel Press
Black Panel Press is an indie comic and graphic novel publisher based in Canada, with distribution in the United States. The company was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing exceptional foreign graphic novels to North American readers.
BGC is an independent horror comics publisher, featuring artists from Canada, USA, Poland, Russia, Spain, Australia and more. Including series such as Zombie Commandos From Hell (CAN), Spore Whores (AUS) and the Bloody Gore Comix anthology series, among a host of other gruesome works.
After ten years of studies and work in animation, Boum tried making comics and became completely addicted. She is mostly known for BOUMERIES, a journal comic, but she also wrote A SMALL REVOLUTION (Front Froid, 2012 and Soaring Penguin Press, 2017) and NAUSÉES MATINALES ET AUTRES PETITS BONHEURS (La Pastèque, 2019). Her comics were shortlisted for many prizes across the years: Bedelys, Expozine Awards, Joe Shuster Awards, Ignatz Awards, Doug Wright Awards… She is currently working on several comic projects at once, while also illustrating kids’ books.
Chris and Caroline met via their art online over a decade ago and immediately clicked. They have a passion for comics and love of cats, and hope to bring forward several stories that include disability representation and LGBT+ themes. Current ongoing webcomics include the fantasy adventure Yokoka’s Quest and mystery drama A Mirror’s Tale; other comic works include Peony and Pouring double edition, and Dr. Freckle. They hope to eventually branch out to other types of media including video games. CaliCap is slowly growing a small community online around their works and love of comics in general!
Casey Bowker and Darius Johnson
Casey and Darius are diverse creators from Western NY. They have worked on the comic book Hollowed together, along with a lot of other projects in the comic book space.
Centrala is an independent publishing house championing engaging and inspirational graphic novels and comics. Our offerings include a wide variety of books meant to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
CHAR is a Canadian comic artist, specializing in LGBT+, especially lesbian comics of all different genres. Creator of “Spring is sure to Follow”, “Liatris”, BP 2020 Zine Awards nominee; “The Monster Prepares for a Wedding”, and more.
Chasing Artwork
Chasing Artwork is a Winnipeg based illustration studio featuring the artwork of Justin Currie.
Chick Flick Unlimited
Moldova born, Israel raised and now obsessively watching sunsets from my roof in Brooklyn NY. Actually scratch that – I’m back in Tel Aviv for Covid. I’m a professional immigrant aspiring to make art to permanently settle into your heart. Being an illustrator and a cartoonist are just fancy definitions of what I’ve been doing ever since I can remember myself. The only differences are: now I wear pants while I draw, get paid for it, and don’t eat my boogers no more. These are three important things that make me a well rounded adult. Please make room for me on your shelf I’m printed, bound and ready.
Chuck Kaslow (RatDog Comix)
Chuck Kaslow is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist…and a cartoon of a person. He’s been creating comics his whole life, while self-publishing his own work for the past 4 years; previously appearing at Comic Arts Brooklyn and Philly Zine Fest. His work ranges from self-deprecating humor to tales of terror. In his free time, he makes more comics. And he hopes to keep on doing what he loves.
Cloudscape Comics Society
The Cloudscape Comics Society is a non-profit comics organization based in British Columbia dedicated to publishing BC graphic novels and fostering the local comics community. As a far-reaching charity, Cloudscape has published over 25 graphic novels and anthologies, spearheaded comic book classes and workshops for the public, run special events and talks on the medium, created public artworks, and run numerous other activities that engage the public within the fascinating world of comics.
Cole Pauls
Cole Pauls is a Tahltan comic artist, illustrator and printmaker hailing from Haines Junction (Yukon Territory) with a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. Residing in Vancouver, Pauls focuses on his two comic series, the first being Pizza Punks: a self contained comic strip about punks eating pizza, the other being Dakwäkãda Warriors. In 2017, Pauls won Broken Pencil Magazine’s Best Comic and Best Zine of the Year Award for Dakwäkãda Warriors II. In 2020, Dakwäkãda Warriors won Best Work in an Indigenous Language from the Indigenous Voices Awards and was nominated for the Doug Wright Award categories, The Egghead & The Nipper.
Celebrating its 25th year Conundrum Press is committed to the literary graphic novel, almost exclusively from Canadian artists and Quebec artists in translation.
Courtney Løberg
Courtney Løberg is a comic artist and poet from Treaty 8 territory. Her current project is a sprawling, gothic, prairie fantasy called We Don’t Go Through the Angelgrass Courtney self-published her first graphic novel, The Rangeroads. Her second graphic novel, My favourite girl that I never see, was published in 2019 by ChiZine. ‍ In 2019 Courtney was the Artist-in-Residence at Happy Harbor Comics. At the University of Saskatchewan, she created and taught a studio course on making comics. Her poetry and comics have appeared in Augur, untethered, Ink Brick, and Leah Wishnia’s Happiness anthology.
Courtney Moore
Courtney is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Bend, Oregon by way of Portland. She started drawing and making comics in 2016 after a lifetime of believing that only a special few were allowed to make art and tell stories. She recently published her first longer-form comic (“Doreen”) on Instagram, and draws a lot of inspiration from people seen and conversations overheard.
Credible Threat Press
Credible Threat Press is a creator-owned, passion-driven, independent comic book publisher. Focusing on gritty, dark, and poignant works of fiction, This indie press has slowly been growing its catalog with some of the most promising young comic book artists and writers around today. What sets Credible Threat apart is its unwavering dedication to the creative teams it works with and the desire to help publish works that aim to inspire, critique, as well as entertain, whether they be dystopian political thrillers or fantastical space operas.
Cuyler Keating
Cuyler Keating is a comic artist, printmaker, and illustrator living in Vermont. Her art is predominantly inspired by Classical, Medieval, and Gothic aesthetics, and is currently serializing her “Bog Gothic” comic FOOD FOR WORMS. She also makes autobiographical comics about various forms of growing pains. In 2019, she received her MFA from The Center for Cartoon Studies.
Dan Mazur
Dan Mazur is a cartoonist, comics scholar and editor from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Co-founder of Boston Comics Roundtable and of MICE: the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. Co-author of Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present. His latest graphic novel/wordless book is “Lunatic,” published by Fanfare in 2021.
Danny Gorny
A freelance writer and editor living in Toronto; Danny completed his degree in medieval literature in 2014, and now he writes comics at the RAID studio. While producing his graphic novel Sleepwalkers, Danny has published projects including The House of Doom, The Myth Butcher, and Cygnus Imperium.
Darren Vogt
Cartoonist and graphic designer based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
Doug Dabbs
Doug Dabbs is a comic book artist and educator who has taught visual storytelling in higher education for over a decade. His comic books and graphic novels have been published by Image Comics, Oni Press, 12 Gauge Comics, Desperado, and Artisanal Media. His most recent work was published in 12 Gauge/Image Comic’s anniversary edition of “The Ride.” His work has been featured in and recognized by international illustration competitions and art journals including “American Illustration,” “Cheltenham Illustration Awards,” “Creative Quarterly,” “3×3,” “Brightness Illustration Awards,” “Coffin Bell Journal,” “ArtAscent Journal,” and “Communication Arts.” Most days he can be found drawing, teaching, and perfecting his coffee brewing skills.
Dreamtown Comics
Isaac Roller is the author of Transmissions from Dreamtown, an anthology of short stories set in the dreams of the 21st century mega-city. He has released 3 volumes to date. Release of the 4th will coincide with TCAF 2021. He also puts out a bi-weekly diary comic which will soon to be anthologized by No, Nothing Magazine. Other works have been published in Milk and Honey Comics, Clusterfux Comix, No, Nothing Magazine and online on The Rumpus.
Duachaka Her
Duachaka (Dua) Her is a Hmong-American cartoonist and illustrator from Wisconsin. She has a B.F.A. in Entertainment Design with a concentration in Comics and Sequential Art. Her latest work includes “Tradition,” a mini-comic published by Uncivilized Books.
Elfie Kalfakis
Elfie is inspired by social issues and a keen interest in the metaphysical, esoteric, the psyche and chance. She is an artist, writer, teacher and mystic. She primarily works as a multidisciplinary intuitive artist working in mediums such as, but not limited to: digital collage, film, animation, illustration and street art. Most of her artwork researches the metaphysical capacity of art, the creative process and consciousness. She has studied astrology and esoteric for almost 15 years. More recently she has studied with shaman and professor, Antonio Gil. She aspires to use her artwork as a means of breaking down stigmas and barriers within popular culture towards esoteric concepts and has a passion for female empowerment, mental health advocacy and understanding the collective unconscious.
Emily Kardamis
Emily Kardamis is a Chicago-based artist and space wizard, originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. She makes an auto-bio slice-of-life comic, Steamed Veggies, a series of diary comics titled About, and has created art for a variety of podcasts, including My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone, Sawbones, Hello from the Magic Tavern, and Hey Riddle Riddle. Her work in any medium focuses on celebrating joy and cherishing the moments we’re in and the people we share them with.
Enchanted Lion Books
Enchanted Lion Books is an independent children’s book publisher based in Brooklyn, New York. We publish illustrated books from around the world, convinced by the power of cultural exchange to inspire curiosity, awareness, and wonder in children everywhere. We reach across time and oceans to find new authors and old treasures to share with a new generation of readers. We live with the books we publish long before they go to press, and we commit to them because they are beautiful and lively, thoughtful and full of feeling. Many evince a fierce belief in the imagination, paying as much attention to inner exploratory landscapes as to the world around us. Books allow us to explore worlds long before we travel and long after. We therefore seek to give children books that will help them feel that this world we share, with all its surprising, wonderful complexity and beauty, is home.
Eric Kim
Eric Kim is a Korean-Canadian comic artist. He’s been published by Oni Press. Image Comics, Owl Magazine, Inhabit Media, and others. He’s also contributed to anthologies like Where We Live, The Good Fight, and Shattered: and Asian-American Comics Anthology. He lives in Toronto.
Europe Comics
Europe Comic is a pan-European digital-only graphic novel imprint including award-winning graphic novels from across the Old Continent.
Formed in 1997 Fanfare Presents brings the best in UK independent comic publishing including its sister company Ponent Mon and friends Book Palace, Breakdown Press, Knockabout and others plus selected individual creators like Boston’s Dan Mazur.
For over 40 years, Fantagraphics has published the very best comics and graphic novels that the medium has to offer. Our mission is to celebrate great cartooning in all of its incarnations, from the form’s early luminaries to contemporary artists currently forging the future of visual storytelling. Not content to rest on our laurels and extensive roster of talented artists, we constantly seek out fresh voices from across the globe. Thus, we honor the rich history of comics while providing a platform for bold new stories, styles, and perspectives that push the boundaries of the medium. Fantagraphics remains peerless in our commitment to be the publisher of the world’s greatest cartoonists.
First Second Books
First Second Books is a graphic novel publisher located in New York City. We publish graphic novels in every genre and for readers of all ages. Our graphic novels are available online, in libraries, in comic book shops, and wherever books are sold.
Floating Head
Floating Head is Matt Bryan and Mike McCubbins. We publish science fiction art, comics, illustration, and prose in beautifully designed books and prints. Our past projects include the graphic novels Anasazi and Book of Da, and Floating Head Graphic Science Fiction Quarterly.
FlyingCar Comics
Austin McKinley has been a professional freelance artist, writer, and filmmaker for over twenty years. His work crosses many different forms of media, from comic books and cartooning to short film directing, video production, video games, screenplays, novels and novellas, newspaper, film and television. His work hass been published by: Image Shadowline Devil’s Due / First Comics Source Point Press Alias / Blue Water Press Avatar Boom! Blue King Studios FC9 …and more Most recently, he completed the art for “Tales of Mr. Rhee Vol. 5: Rockstar Paranoia,” slated for summer 2021 from Source Point Press.
Francine Delgado
I am Francine Delgado. I am a passionate Costa Rican Comic and Visual Development Artist. I have been living and working in Canada since 2014, as a Lead and senior designer for Feature film and TV shows. Creating new worlds and tell characters stories in a visual way has been always my passion. I love both comics and animation and I have been lucky enough to work in both professionally. I have been working lately as a comic cover artist for the Golden Age Comic Tributes and helping indy writers to create their comic Pitches. Last year, the local government of my natal province in Costa Rica gave me recognition for Representing Women in the professional artistic field.
G. Davis Cathcart
Davis Cathcart is an illustrator currently residing in Ridgewood Queens, New York City. He has studied art and illustration at the Cooper Union, Maryland Institute College of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, and School of Visual Arts. He has worked for Maira Kalman, William Wegman, and The New Yorker’s art department. Davis has taught art to children of all ages in public schools all over New York City. Both RISD and the Society of Illustrators have given him awards for his illustration work. He is currently working on comics and designing and illustrating graphic t-shirts for Walmart, Target, Amazon and so on.
G. E. Gallas
G. E. Gallas is a writer-illustrator of graphic novels. She is best known for “The Poet and the Flea” about the poet-painter William Blake and “The Plague and Doctor Caim” about a 17th-century plague doctor (published by Cast Iron Books 2021). After studying Japanese language and culture for many years, she spent a year abroad in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from New York University: Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a major involving cross-cultural storytelling. She has spoken upon invitation to The Blake Society (London), Yale University School of Drama, and Germanna College (Virginia) about her work. Her illustrations have been featured in Scared Stiff: Everything You Need to Know About 50 Famous Phobias by Sara Latta (Zest Books), Welsh in the Old West (A Raven Above Press), Magic Bullet (Washington, D.C.’s free comics newspaper), and Do More Good. Better. (High Impact Press).
Glacier Bay Books
Glacier Bay Books is a new, independent small publisher based in the USA and focusing on contemporary literature and art, works in translation, the small press scene, and indie & alternative manga and art comics culture. Among other titles, we’ve published the “Sleepy Child” series, “Ripples”, the short story collection “Tsukiko and the Satellite and Other Stories”, and the groundbreaking indie manga anthology series Glaeolia which has been recognized on multiple venues’ best books of 2020 lists. Our works have been featured on Broken Pencil Magazine and The Comics Journal, the latter including a couple of lengthy, detailed discussions with the editors of Glaeolia, generously hosted by Joe McCulloch.
Goat’s Head Studios
Goat’s Head Studios was started in 2018 as a place for Mardelle and Pat to publish all of their comics. In addition to Legends of Fomora, Goat’s Head Studios has published The Forgotten Village, The Bestiary Coloring Book, and the short story Hungry. Mardelle Nietupski is the head writer at Goat’s Head Studios. She has been a life long writer of prose and began writing comics in 2017. When not crafting comics, Mardelle enjoys board games and sewing. Pat Nietupski is the cartoonist at Goat’s Head Studios. He started making comics in 2011 and has been unable to stop since. In addition to comics, Pat likes to paint miniatures, play video games, and think quietly. Mardelle and Pat live with their pup Luigi in Western Massachusetts.
Graphic Mundi
Welcome to the worlds of Graphic Mundi. A new imprint from Penn State University Press, Graphic Mundi publishes graphic novels for adults and young adults, and our creators represent a broad range of voices and experiences. Our books address, in both fun and serious ways, important topics having to do with health and human rights, politics, race, the environment, science and technology, and more. With singular narratives, diverse perspectives, and universal stories, books from Graphic Mundi have the power to draw our worlds together. For more information or to pitch a project, contact the publisher, Kendra Boileau, at kboileau@graphicmundi.org
Gregery Miller
Gregery Miller is a freelance illustrator for comics, animation, and children’s books. Last year he helped design the backgrounds and worlds of The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. He has also spent a number of years building his own graphic novel universe. You can learn about that project on his Patreon campaign. Gregery is an Illustration Master Course (IMC2019) Alumni. He was awarded the STARS grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council where he taught comics and animation in Boston Public Schools. He also did an Assets for Artists Residency in The Studios at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) where he was the first artist to ever produce a comic in the program. As a working artist, he has lived in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, and Mexico City over the last decade. In his downtime, he loves watching inspiring animation, fantasy, and sci-fi films, gaming, going on bikes rides, making cold brew coffee, and hiking.
Groundwood Books & House of Anansi
Groundwood Books is an independent children’s publisher based in Toronto. Founded in 1978 by Patricia Aldana, the company is now part of House of Anansi Press. Our authors and illustrators are highly acclaimed both in Canada and internationally, and our books are loved by children around the world. We look for books that are unusual; we are not afraid of books that are difficult or potentially controversial; and we are particularly committed to publishing books for and about children whose experiences of the world are underrepresented elsewhere.House of Anansi Press was founded in 1967 by writers Dennis Lee and David Godfrey. Anansi started as a small press with a mandate to publish Canadian writers, and quickly gained attention for publishing authors such as Margaret Atwood, Matt Cohen, and Michael Ondaatje. Today, the company specializes in finding and developing Canadian writers of literary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, as well as adding the best international contributions to our list.
Group of 7 Comics is the partnership between creators Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus and the home of acclaimed historical fiction comic book series, Group of 7. Set in the First World War and filled with tales of daring and danger, Group of 7 was nominated for the Gene Day Award for Self-Published Comics at the 2020 Joe Shuster Awards and named one of Canadian Geographic’s favourite books of 2018. In 2020, the Group of 7: A Most Secret Tale graphic novel was released, collecting Group of 7 issues #1-6 and including updated art and bonus content. In 2021, we are set to release our next original series, Peregrines. Part I (a.k.a. Group of 7 #7) will be available this spring. Chris Sanagan is the writer of the Group of 7 comic book series. Non-comic book writing credits include articles for The American Archivist, Spacing Toronto and the Guelph Mercury Tribune. In 2019, Chris was awarded 3rd Place for Favourite Comic Book Writer at the Sequential Magazine Awards. Jason Lapidus is the artist of the Group of 7 comic book series. Prior to making comics, Jason taught art at the Royal Ontario Museum, and served as a Communication Professor at George Brown College.
Gytha Press
Gytha Press is a small comics press in Mohkinstsis/Calgary, AB, Treaty 7 territory. Experimental, indies, horror, LGBTQ+, wet, weird and wild – we publish the whole shabang and a kettle of fish. We also produce Toad Hex magazine, a free, donation-supported magazine providing space for West Canadian comic artists and illustrators. Publishers of the 2020 Broken Pencil Award winner and Adobe Create Best Zines of 2020 “Restless Bones” by Shannon Reeves.
Cartoonist, writer, & self-publisher. Creator of the comic “Life on Vega”.
Hartley Lin
Hartley Lin is a cartoonist based in Montreal, Canada. Young Frances, the first collection from his comic book Pope Hats, won the 2019 Doug Wright Award for Best Book. He has drawn for The New Yorker, The Hollywood Reporter, Slate, Taddle Creek and HarperCollins.
Henry Barajas
Latinx author best known for La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo and co-creator of the upcoming Helm Greycastle fantasy series based on Aztec history.
HighWater Press
HighWater Press (HWP) publishes award-winning Indigenous-authored stories. These authentic stories, told by some of the most recognized Indigenous writers in Canada, include globally relevant social justice themes and the re-telling of historical events. HWP’s vibrant and thought-provoking books include a rich mix of non-fiction, novels, graphic novels, and children’s literature.
Hiller Goodspeed
Hiller Goodspeed is an artist and illustrator living in Vancouver, BC. He enjoys walking in alleys, eating bánh mìs, and collecting magnets. Hiller’s newest book “Pond Life” is out April 2021 with Perfectly Acceptable Press.
Hink is a Chicago based comic artist, creature woman, and occasional vandal. Currently a student at Columbia College Chicago, her self published work can be found in shops around the city, indie publications, and in DIY shows with her friends. She is working on a webcomic titled Bad God, which is about the unlikely pairing between a terrible wannabe pop duo and a bastard god fallen from the heavens. But between chapter updates she also creates strips that showcase the misadventures of her recurring ‘monster head babe’ characters. Hink’s goal is to empower misfits through the power of girly horror.
Hollow Press is an independent comics publisher house focused on dark weird fantasy. Founded in February 2015 by Michele Nitri, after one year of self publishing of the anthology U.D.W.F.G. (Under Dark Weird Fantasy Grounds). Hollow Press productions are intended for an international audience, offering comics books as main activity, combined to the sale of original artworks and games. Hollow Press collaborates with worldwide fairs and conventions, organizing exhibitions focused on his published artists.
Hotam Press
Ho Tam is a Vancouver based artist who is interested in making books and illustrated work. He has created a few book series including The Greatest Stories Ever Told, HOTAM and POSER. Tam has been actively exhibiting his work both locally and internationally. In this part year during the COVID-19 conditions, he has shown in Printed Matter”s Virtual Art Book Fair, Artist Self-Publisher Fair (London) and Vancouver Art Book Fair.
Humdrum Comics Collective
Humdrum Comics Collective is a group of six Israeli cartoonists, illustrators and multi media artists. We collaboratively produce annual themed anthologies featuring guest artists, as well as exhibitions, festivals, workshops and other comics initiatives. The members of Humdrum are: Omer Hoffmann, Hila Noam, Dan Allon, Hadar Reuven, Ovadia Benishu and Keren Katz. Our books are designed by Gnat Micro Press designer Maya Marom.
Hypnogogium Collective
Hypnogogium is Toronto based arts collective consisting of Marc Cohen, Charles Hackbarth and Steven McCabe. Marc Cohen is a visual artist, writer and musician. His writing and graphic work has been published in a number of magazines. Cohen’s work brings together pop art references with surrealism, comics and contemporary art. Hackbarth is an artist, writer and musician. He has been exhibiting in galleries since 1985. His work vacillates between abstract and dreamlike narrative themes. His work reflects his interests in mysticism, symbolism, healing and contemporary art. Cohen and Hackbarth have worked together on a number of projects including a video podcast called Winging It, in which they chat with artists from around the world. They also record and perform experimental electronic music as The Body In Question. However, it was only after meeting Steven McCabe at an art show in 2016 did they start exploring the idea of collaborative art. McCabe is a poet and visual artist who’s published several books including poetry, a wordless graphic novel and memoir. Cohen, Hackbarth and McCabe have been working collaboratively since 2017 and have published two books: Hypnogogia Book One, and Book Two, with a third on its way. Hackbarth has also created and published a collaborative drawing game called DRAWN TOGETHER.
HΩME comics
On the surface, HΩME is a black and white science fiction comic created by brothers Marc and Daniel Michaud. Inside the cover, you’ll find it is in fact TWO distinct yet linked series: ARC29 and DEMETER. ARC29, by Marc Michaud and nominated for a Bédélys award in 2019, tells the story of a young man inheriting a spaceship and coming to terms with his newfound responsibilities. DEMETER, by Daniel Michaud, recounts the struggle of colonizing a new and harsh planet under impossible circumstances. Working together yet individually, Marc and Daniel each draw and tell their own stories that are set in a shared universe. They build and cross-pollinate their respective worlds in interesting and unexpected ways with shared histories, locations, and characters.
Ian Herring
Splitting his youth between small town Ontario and smaller town Cape Breton, Ian was raised on Nintendo and reruns of ‘The Simpsons’. Somewhere during this time he learned to draw.
J. Schiek
J. Schiek is a comic book artist and writer currently living and working out of Southern California. His work has appeared in numerous anthologies, and popular webcomics sites, including The Death of The Horror Anthology from A Wave Blue World. In 2019, his short comic, The Lion And The Unicorn, was a finalist in the Platform Comics Short Comics Competition. He holds and MFA in Illustration from Cal State Fullerton, where he currently teaches figure drawing for animation.
J. Torres
Writer of Lola: A Ghost Story, Planet Hockey, and the forthcoming Stealing Home. Other credits include Alison Dare, Bigfoot Boy, Brobots, How to Spot a Sasquatch, and Teen Titans Go.
Jack Briglio
Jack Briglio is the writer of the Eisner-nominated fantasy adventure series Growing Up Enchanted, published by Markosia in 2010 and 2011. Previously, Jack has also worked on Scooby-Doo and Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century for DC Comics, for IDW, The Adventures of Digger & Friends, Sesame Street Comics for Sesame Street Workshop, and Scarlet, Riverdale’s Autistic Teen, for Archie Comics. Currently, Jack is working on a new graphic novel, ThunderBoom, for Kids Can Press, Dominion Jack (with Hugh Rookwood), a serial in Joe Shuster-nominated Canadian superhero anthology series True Patriot Presents at ChapterHouse Publishing, Take 2, a crime fantasy serial for Comics Scene award-winning digital anthology magazine Aces Weekly, and editor & contributor to a new speculative fiction anthology of real world what-ifs called Flip, for Markosia Publishing.
Jaja Verlaag
Jaja Verlaag is an independent publisher based in Berlin. Since 2011 we publish mostly young newcomer artists living in Germany. The books range from small leaflets with comic strips to big graphic novels, often regarding stories about individuals struggling with society/politics/art, but there are also fantastic stories with funny fiction and space.
Jenn Woodall
Jenn Woodall is an illustrator and comics creator who resides in Toronto, Ontario. She attended OCADU where she received a bachelor of design in illustration. Her work is published and distributed by Silver Sprocket in San Francisco and she also self-publishes her own work.
John Cei Douglas
John Cei Douglas is an illustrator and comic artist based in London, creator of Show Me The Map To Your Heart and self-published titles Badger vs Tiger! and Static. He has worked with a variety of clients and projects over the years and developed a distinct lyrical style for his work, often favouring ‘silent’ comic narratives and muted colour palettes while exploring themes of mental health and relationships with warmth and empathy, through picture books and comics to editorial pieces.
Johnny Wander
Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota are the critically acclaimed and award winning creators behind Johnny Wander. The duo have released award winning collections of their autobiographical work, Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us (Oni Press) and fiction work, Lucky Penny (Oni Press). Their current focus is the Reuben award-winning BARBAROUS (www.johnnywander.com/barbarous) a comedy drama involving magic and monster men.
Jonathan Baylis – So Buttons Comix
Jonathan Baylis is the author of the autobiographical comic series, So Buttons. In the tradition of Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, Baylis matches his stories with groundbreaking artists to capture down-to-earth slices of everyday life and pop culture. For over ten years, he has collected his stories into the self-published, “So Buttons” series, of which there are currently ten issues and a coupl’a specials. He lives in the birth borough of his dad, Brooklyn, with his Canadian wife Ophira (go Flames!), and their son Lucas. Find more at SoButtons.com
Joni Taylor
Joni Taylor is a comic artist and writer whose work is deeply informed by satire. Passionate about the plight of the underdog (takes one to know one), Taylor’s subjects are those who are unknown and unseen. From feminism to ageism and climate change, Taylor feels strongly about setting the record straight — even if it’s just in her own mind. Her work is imbued with her own hyperbolic sense of what’s funny and what’s possible to get away with. Taylor’s self reflexive series, ‘Observations of a Feminist’ recounts her thoughts on her changing world – in particular her latest work, volume 5, ‘The Pandemic that Changed the World’, due to be released for TCAF.
Jordana Globerman Comics and Illustration
Jordana is a comic book artist and graphic facilitator. She holds a Masters in Illustration from University of the Arts London in the UK. In 2018, she was a featured guest and instructor at the Montreal Comic Arts Festival. In 2016, she won silver in the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s ReAnimate Europe Comic Competition. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally. Her latest work is a full-length graphic novel, entitled Bear. Follow her on Instagram @jordanacomics for updates on it and to see more of her work.
Joshua Santospirito
Joshua Santospirito is a graphic novelist and comic artist who lives in a veggie patch in Tasmania with his two dogs and four chooks. Chooks are chickens for those who don’t understand the Australian language. Josh won awards for his books and he wants to share stories with you about Australia.
joy san
My name is joy san and I’m an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. I draw a lot of comics, film vlogs, and work on many other creative projects. I’m currently working on a series of monthly horror (sometimes not so horror) comics and my own graphic novel.
Karl Christian Krumpholz
Originally from a city on the East Coast, Karl’s work has appeared in many different formats, publications, and even animated in a documentary. Karl is currently working on the daily comic ‘The Lighthouse in The City’ since January 2020, as well as ‘Queen City’, a book of architectural illustrations from around Denver, CO from Tinto Press; and the continuing series of short stories and slice of life comics set in The City: 30 Miles of Crazy! Karl continues to live in the a City, though a different one now.
Kathryn Briggs
Kathryn Briggs is an award winning graphic novelist and arts educator. Her comics are a blend of mythology, witchcraft, and the terrifying process of self-discovery. Forthcoming projects from Kathryn include the first comic adaptation of a Val McDermid’s work, “Resistance”, slated to be released May 2021 by Profile Books, and The New Chapter Tarot, a wholly original tarot deck illustrated by her, slated to be released Spring 2021 by Liminal 11.
Kathy Peterson
Kathy Peterson started her artistic career in 2006, with Kidnapped by Gnomes. The biweekly comic, follows the misadventures of her not-quite imaginary friends, Ed and Wilson, as they proceed to both make her miserable and enrich her life. While the fulfillment of a life long dream, the comic sadly had to be put on hold while she clearly wasted her time going to medical school. Thankfully, the pandemic has only given physicians more free time. As such, Kathy dusty off her drawing tablet to bring her small friends back to life.
Kelly Tindall
Kelly Tindall is the Shuster Award-nominated creator of the webcomics Strangebeard and The Adventurers. He is the lead artist of the Show Me History series from Simon & Schuster and teaches an intro to comics class in dear old Montreal.
Kimberly Edgar
Kimberly Edgar is an award-winning comic artist living on Tr’ondek Hwech’in land in so-called Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Kim’s work reflects on their experiences of both the medical system and the ennui that comes with being sick with no end, often comparing human bodies with the land-as-body. Kim holds a Broken Pencil Zine Award for best comic for their comic The Purpose (2019). Kim is also the recipient of grants from Cue (2018), Canada Council (2019), On Yukon Time (2020), Culture Quest (2020), and the Yukon Advanced Artist Award (2020). With pieces in the Yukon Permanent Art Collection and the Ottawa Direct Purchase Program, Kim is currently editing a northern comics anthology as well as working on a debut graphic novel.
Kirsten Hatfield
Originally from Vancouver Island, Kirsten Hatfield is a graduate of the Fine Arts Diploma program at North Island College as well as a BFA recipient from Emily Carr University. She is heavily involved in the local arts community as a practicing artist, curator, art director and art educator. Her personal practice fluctuates between a wide variety of materials but is always centred around painting and colour theory. Her work has been featured on CBCarts, BBC, Huffpostarts, Seventeen Magazine, New York Magazine and locally in Sad Mag and Discorder Magazine. She currently resides on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples–Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Nations (Vancouver, BC) where she shows locally and internationally.
Kriota Willberg
Kriota Willberg’s book, Draw Stronger: Self-Care for Cartoonists and Visual Artists, is published by Uncivilized Books. Her mini Silver Wire was nominated for a 2019 Ignatz Award and is on the BCALA and ALA Black Lives Matter Reading List. Kriota’s drawn and embroidered comics have appeared in: 4PANEL.ca, SubCultures, Comics For Choice, The Graphic Canon, Intima: Journal of Narrative Medicine, and Strumpet 5, among others. Willberg has a self-care column for the Comics Beat called Get A Grip! Once the inaugural Artist-In-Residence at the New York Academy of Medicine Library, she’s now the AIR in The Master Scholars Program in Humanistic Medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, where she teaches graphic medicine and drawing. She is a co-host of the Graphic Medicine Confabs.
Kristen Kiomall-Evans
K. Kiomall-Evans has been making comics since 2009 and has been self-publishing her own work since 2015. She works as a solo force as writer, artist, letterer and publisher; as well as web developer and marketer. She ended up studying animation and becoming a member of the Spiderforest Comic collective. She has several published works including XII: Of Magic and Muses.
Kyle Kerezsi
Kyle Kerezsi is a cartoonist, comedian and writer from Beaverton, Oregon. He depicts existential plights and the surrealism of daily living. His work is informed by the mechanisms of current events that repeat in history, as well as the nature of artistic strife.
Late Comeback Press
Late Comeback Press is a Northern Virginia micropress run by Rachna Soun and Caroline Kim, specializing in avant-garde zines and comics. Communication and existentialism are the center of our art, flourishing in the space before choices are made, when the possibilities can seem paralyzingly endless or distinctively finite.
Leda Zawacki
Leda Zawacki is an independent queer comic book artist. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. She also studied comics at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland Oregon and received a certificate from their Comics Program in 2011. Her comics explore themes of mythologies, supernatural experiences, and empowered women. In 2017 she teamed up with Tinto Press to release her graphic novel, Little Gods. She sometimes lives in Minneapolis and White River Junction, Vermont while pursuing her MFA at the Center for Cartoon Studies.
Legends of Aukera
Rory and Amanda Webb are the husband and wife team behind Legends of Aukera and the weekly fantasy webcomic, Legends of Aukera: The Ascendants. Married since 2006, they both graduated from Grand Valley State University, Rory with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production, and Amanda with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design. They reside in Grand Rapids with their three children, spunky rescue dog, and basement full of old action figures, eccentric movie props, and vintage video games. Legends of Aukera was inspired by the many Dungeon and Dragons campaigns Rory and Amanda played. Instead of using well-known and copyrighted settings, they decided to create their own world, and Aukera was born. The Ascendants, the first of multiple planned comics, is illustrated entirely by Amanda, and is co-written by both Rory and Amanda. It tells the story of Felosial, an elven mage living in the port city of Dagruum, who finds herself caught up in an adventure she hadn’t intended on having. With the help of her dwarven friend Bakar and the flamboyant thief Dilavo, she discovers secrets about the city and its inhabitants that may change the course of her life forever. Currently, Legends of Aukera: The Ascendants has three published graphic novels, with the fourth, and final, volume set to be published mid-2021.
Liz Yerby
Liz Yerby is a cartoon mouse who makes comics about anxiety and queerness in Portland, OR. They make anthologies with their comics friends, and also help organize the Portland Zine Symposium. Their latest work talks about their experience working next to a tiger show, as well as famous queer folks in history who owned big cats. Liz is also well known for their Peanuts fanfiction.
Lucy Sullivan
Lucy Sullivan is a comic artist & writer. Her work includes the graphic novel BARKING, the artist on IND-XED with writer Fraser Campbell and self published zines; 1in4Zines and How To Build A Free Woman. Lucy has created commissions for Black Hammer, Hey Amateur!, Killtopia #3, Insider Art, Hell in Stalingrad, Skrawl, Hey! Don’t Go! and Razorblades with writer Dan Watters.
Luke Stuart
Luke Stuart is a Miami-born multimedia artist with projects ranging from manga and apparel for his project Shop-Jammo.com, to his own music project called Video Girl which he also does photography and illustration for (Videogirlmusic.bandcamp.com). Luke’s goal is to contribute to the globalization, education, appreciation, and preservation of the manga art form.
Maiji/Mary Huang
Maiji/Mary Huang is a Taiwanese-Canadian artist and writer based out of Toronto. Her comics, zines and poetry incorporate themes of Eastern philosophy and mythology and everyday human experiences. She is the creator of Now Recharging, a slice-of-life webcomic about a sheep-loving android who is bad at math and worried about nonexistence. Her work has been exhibited in Canada and Japan.
Marc Jackson
I’m a UK based cartoonist and I’ve created comics and characters for the BEANO, Comic Heroes Magazine, Aces Weekly, MooseKid comics, Comic scene magazine, The Brooklyn Red Hook Star- revue, Spiralbound/Medium, the SPARK and The ‘77. My 2017 comic “Here comes Cat Stevens” was commissioned by the Lakes International comic-art festival and funded by a grant from the Arts Council England. Last year I created two MAGNUM P.I. comics as well as the weekly instagram strip BRING THE NINJA. At the end of 2020, I started my new regular strip SPOOKIDS right here on Ko-fi. I also run cartoon and comics workshops in Schools and Libraries around the world and organise MACC-POW! a day of comic art in my hometown.
Mariah Currey
Mariah is a self-published comic artist from Washington state. She specializes in female driven narratives that are often a little spooky and very cute. Usually they have at least one vampire. Mariah’s work has been featured in zines like the Webcomic Almanac, Objecthead Zine, and Chubby Anthology. Her main webcomic series, Rainy Day Dreams has been posting online since 2015.
Marianne R Petit Books
I am an artist and educator whose work explores fairy tales, anatomical obsessions, graphic and narrative medicine, as well as collective storytelling practices through mechanical books that combine animation and paper craft. My interests are in combining technology, traditional book arts, and sequential storytelling to create new forms of narrative for the 21st century.
Matt MacFarland
Matt is a contemporary artist, cartoonist, and teacher whose ongoing graphic narrative Dark Pants follows a mysterious pair of pants through Los Angeles as they impact the lives of whomever wears them. MacFarland has also compiled his 15+ years of teaching experience into a self-published comic, The Teaching Chronicles Volume 1 and 2. His book series, My Troubles with Crumb (parts 1 and 2), documents his conflicted feelings toward his one-time artistic hero, underground cartoonist R. Crumb. Matt’s current project, 4 Seasons of Gary, collects several four-panel comic strips about his father into a makeshift memoir that documents their loving but sometimes complicated relationship. Matt was a finalist for the Broken Pencil Zine Awards in 2019.
Matt McGrath
Matt McGrath is a writer and marketing professional who lives in Toronto. He currently works as a content writer, specializing in educational marketing. He is also co-founder of the Toronto theatre production company, Bygone Theatre. Matt’s short comics have appeared in Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures (Renegade Arts Entertainment), Strange Romance Volume 3, A Soul Divided/Caged in Flesh (Red Stylo Media), and Called Into Being. This he released his first self-published comic, ID-10t error, successfully funded on Kickstarter. Matt lives with his partner, son, lazy cat and an even lazier greyhound.
Matthew Brown – Ambient Zero Publications
Matthew Brown participated in the underground comix scene in Montreal and has released several graphic novels with Éditions Trip of Montreal and Ambient Zero of Toronto. In 2021 he launches ‘GRAPHIC INFLUENCE’, a visual mixtape of well-known heroes, villains and animals splayed across a surreal landscape of modern and ancient architecture. Last year he released ‘ORNETTE SPEAKS: a Cartoon Grammar,’ a visual narrative of avantgarde saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman’s spoken words (generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council) and in recent years he has published ‘ROTHKO: a Comic Strip Memoir,’ ‘WHAT IS MEDITATION? And Why Should I Do It?’, ‘THE CLIFF’ and ‘ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT.’
Melissa Capriglione
Melissa is a comic artist and illustrator specializing in LGBT+ representation in young adult fiction. She is currently working on a webcomic called “Falconhyrste”, and a graphic novel called “Basil and Oregano.” Other comic series include “SPIRIT” and “PiNKHEARTS”.
Meredith Bratland
Meredith is from the wilds of rural Alberta and currently lives in Edmonton. She’s a writer with multiple creative pursuits from comics to pottery. Her research and creative interests lie in science, nature, and art in our everyday lives. Her work is usually filled with a lot of curiosity, introspection, and some humour too.
Michael Morton
Michael holds a diploma in Illustration from Sheridan College in Toronto, Ontario. With more than a decade of art direction (including U.S. experience) under his belt, he has played key roles in garnering top design awards for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC), Leo Burnett Toronto, and Canadian Agency of the Decade, Taxi, among others. His comic book Seeing Things is now in production of it’s 5th issue after 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns.
Mike Shea-Wright
I am an illustrator and teacher in New York, NY. I’ve been drawing forever and have tabled at TCAF, MOCCA, CAKE, MICE, SPX, Locust Moon, Philly Comic-Con, NY Comic-Con, and more.
Monica Gallagher is a writer and illustrator of comics and other storytelling media. She has worked for a variety of clients including comic book publishers, university journals, and media outlets. Most recently, she worked for Webtoon on two comic series: Assassin Roommate, and BOO! It’s Sex with Danielle Corsetto. She’s the co-writer/co-creator of Comixology’s The Black Ghost series and iHeart Radio’s Lethal Lit with Alex Segura. She’s a writer and illustrator for the multimedia comic Free Hexel, by Einhorn’s Epic Productions. She maintains an enthusiastic following on her Patreon page, where she self-publishes several comics series on a regular basis. She lives in Austin with her husband and their gigantor ginger cat.
montevarious | comics
Montevarious makes comics in Toronto. His comic strip, Yoga Dog, features a vain, short-tempered and materialistic yoga instructor who exploits wellness trends for financial gain. His absurd short story comics are collected in his solo anthology, FATTY DRIPS. His ongoing comics project, anemone, is a daily Instagram comic strip about an unusual family of crabs. Montevarious comics have appeared in MEL Magazine, Vue Weekly, Call Out Comics and The Stranger.
Moo Meng
Moo Meng is an illustrator and story maker based in Toronto. She is the creator of HOLEY, AYUMI’S TIGER, and GRIBBIT’S ALPHABET. Moo enjoys days at the beach and chiffon cakes while day dreaming out windows with her tabby cat, Blue.

NBM Graphic Novels
We are a leading indie lit GN publisher with a strong line-up of the best European literary authors as well as leading North American authors.

New York Review Comics
NYR Comics presents new editions of out-of-print masterpieces and new translations of books that have never been published in English—from intimate memoirs to absurdist gags, graphic novels to dizzying experiments.
Ngozi Ukazu
Ngozi Ukazu is the award-winning creator of Check, Please!, the Harvey award-winning online graphic novel and New York Times Bestseller. She graduated from Yale University in 2013 with a degree in Computing and The Arts, and received a masters in Sequential Art in 2015. She lives in Austin, Texas.
Nico Millan Harriman
Nico Harriman is a MFA graduate from Mills College in Oakland, CA. He is currently a high school art teacher and a college art professor. He is planning on going to school in Vancouver, Canada for game design (if covid ever ends!).
Nina Drew
Nina Drew is a non-binary artist living in Montreal with their partner and sphynx cat. Their work is distributed worldwide through their monthly snail mail project.
NOBROW/Flying Eye Books
Nobrow and Flying Eye Books are home to the finest work from illustrators all over the world. From graphic novels to children’s picture books and unique objets d’art, we’ve always been on the frontiers of publishing expertly printed art with compelling stories you won’t find anywhere else. We believe that nothing compares to the thrill of holding a beautiful book in your hands and watching a story come to life in front of your eyes, and we work to make sure that every story looks amazing!
Oni Press
Oni Press is a premier comic book and graphic novel publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Established in 1997, Oni Press’s curated line includes a variety of award-winning original and licensed comic books and graphic novels, including: Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty™, Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM, Scott Pilgrim, Queen & Country, Courtney Crumrin, Wasteland, The Sixth Gun, Stumptown, Wet Moon, Letter 44, The Bunker, The Tea Dragon Society, The Coldest City, and Kaijumax.
Oren Wry
I am a comics artist, and writer born and raised in Toronto. My work is a chilling reminder of what early exposure to tacky nineties Spawn comics will do to an impressionable young mind. My work deals with themes of social justice, corporate dystopia, and heavy metal for flavour. My published work includes Mundo Roto, an ongoing science fiction anthology series and Moldering in the Grave, a quarterly about the Abolitionist John Brown, reanimated and fighting evil. All proceeds from sales go to feeding my dog, Grendel. Pictures available upon request.
Papercutz Graphic Novel
Papercutz is a leading and pioneering Middle Grade graphic novel publisher with major licensed properties and highly reviewed new series, from brand new creative series like SCHOOL FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL GIRLS and LOLA’S SUPER CLUB to international classics like our re-launch of ASTERIX and THE SMURFS!
Pascale Arpin and Cara Tierney
Pascale Arpin is an accomplished artist and freelance creative in Ottawa, Ontario. With a rich background in the arts across many domains and disciplines — from painting and illustration, to film and television props and sets, to graphic design — Arpin is now focused on custom sign painting and hand lettering. A self-taught artist, in 2017 Arpin became the assistant to world-renowned American sign painter Mike Meyer. As part of that work, she spent over two years refining her sign painting skills and travelling between the U.S. and Canada. In late 2019 she worked closely with legendary film director Tim Burton to fabricate and paint pieces for his Lost Vegas exhibition at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.
Cara Tierney (they/them) is an artist, curator, researcher, consultant, activist and part-time professor who lives and works in the Kichi Sibi area (so-called Ottawa, Canada). Proudly trans/non-binary, Tierney holds a MA in Canadian Art History from Carleton University, a MFA from the University of Ottawa and they are a PhD candidate at the Institute for Comparative Analysis in Literature, Arts and Culture at Carleton University. Their creative practice questions the way meaning is structured in, around and through the body while their academic work investigates the interrelationships of pedagogy, art and gender creativity. They teach history and theory of art as well as studio practice at the University of Ottawa. Tierney is the 2019-2021 Artist in Residence in the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine.
Pat Higgins
Pat Higgins is an award-winning illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer from Delaware. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work for a wide variety of clients and agencies; both in-house and as a freelancer. In addition to client work, Pat has led workshops and showed his work in galleries across the United States. He also co-hosts the monthly Oddball Art Hall in Wilmington, Delaware and is a member of the National Cartoonists Society. Pat’s recent books include, The Covidiot Files (2021), The Family (2019), The Shipwreck of Captain MacNamara(2018), Elroy’s Big Adventure (2018), and The Android’s Bewildering Conflict (2017).
Penguin Random House Canada, the country’s largest book publisher, aims to nourish a universal passion for reading by connecting authors and their writing with readers everywhere. Its celebrated imprints include youth imprints Penguin Teen Canada, Puffin Canada, and Tundra Books. They also distribute and sell RH Graphic, a new imprint from Random House Children’s Books committed to championing the creativity and diversity of our authors by developing high-quality, unforgettable graphic novels.
Phillip Maira
Phillip Maira is a comic book writer from Chicago.
A small bookshop + art-gallery in Tokyo. We also small-publish the books with artists.
Pow Pow Press
Pow Pow Press was created in 2015 by Montréal-based French publisher Éditions Pow Pow. Its goal is to make the work of Québec cartoonists available to an English-speaking audience in both Canada and the United States. As of early 2021, it has released 20 books. Authors published by Pow Pow Press include Cathon, Sophie Bédard, Pascal Girard, Francis Desharnais, Blonk, Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau, Zviane and Michel Hellman.
 Power & Magic Press
Power & Magic Press is an independent comics micro-press in Portland, OR. Our mission is the creative and economic empowerment of queer creators, creators of color, and creators at the intersections. The driving force behind P&M Press is Joamette Gil, a queer Afro-Cuban creator and editor of the award-winning POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology, HEARTWOOD: Non-binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy, and MAÑANA: Latinx Comics From The 25th Century.
Priya Huq
I’m a Bangladeshi-American cartoonist and illustrator in NYC. I make short comics about myself and lonesome people in lush environments, and I have a graphic novel coming out in September 2021 from Abrams.
R. Sikoryak
R. Sikoryak is a cartoonist and the author of Constitution Illustrated, Masterpiece Comics, Terms and Conditions, and The Unquotable Trump (Drawn & Quarterly). His comics and illustrations have appeared in The Best American Comics, The New Yorker, The Nation, and more. He hosts the live comics performance series, Carousel.
The Royal Academy of Illustration & Design, aka R.A.I.D., established in 2002 is an award-winning artist collective located in Toronto’s historic Parkdale district. With a primary focus on comics and graphic novels, R.A.I.D. is a community where creators can build their ideas, collaborate, and access varied expressive platforms.
Rachel Bard
Rachel Bard is a cartoonist and illustrator who loves monsters, sad stories, and small press publishing. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016, where she drew a lot of cute things trying to not get eaten. Since then, her ever-expanding selection of minuscule comics have made appearances at shows like CAKE and Short Run Seattle, and in stores and zine libraries across the country. Rachel spends most of her time inventing weird new mini-comic formats, painting miniature portraits of regular-sized pets, and dreaming up strange imaginary creatures. She is on a quest to create the tiniest, most excellent comics the world has ever seen!
Rachel Dukes
A graduate from The Center for Cartoon Studies, Dukes is a cartoonist, illustrator, and the creator of the cat-centric webcomic Frankie Comics (Oni Press, 2020). They are also a co-creator of the YA series The Wizerd (Oni Press, 2020). Dukes’s work has also appeared in several anthologies, including Beyond, Oath, Bottoms Up, As You Were, and Tim’rous Beastie. Rachel lives in Los Angeles. They are thankful for coffee, gingham, and readers like you.
Ray Nadine
Ray Nadine has been drawing since they could hold a pencil, and has been making comics since 2013. They’re currently working on a graphic novel that they’re contractually obliged not to say much more about, and also illustrated Messenger on Webtoon. They’ve had stories featured in a handful of anthologies, notably Everything Is Going Wrong, edited by Mark Bouchard, and Local Haunts, edited by Kara Lais. Ray’s also created the webcomic Dollhouse, and several short comics including Something Had Changed, Anchored, The Collector, and The Ties That Bind. When Ray isn’t working, they’re playing too many video games, obsessing over One Piece, or rough-housing with their cat.
Read More Comix!
Toronto comics collective Read More Comix was formed in 2015 by Robb Mirsky, James Spencer and David Craig. Their Schuster–nominated anthology ran for 5 issues and has spawned a series of solo titles including Sludgy and Brick. Their newest titles are Sludgy vol 3 and Brick by Brick.
Red Dust Press
Red Dust is a collective consisting of Jia Sung and Sarula Bao, two queer Asian-American artists who explore questions of identity and heritage through their artist book practices.
Renegade Arts Entertainment
Our fiction reveals more truth than just the facts ever could. New & established voices from across Canada and the world. Based in the Rocky Mountains, our award winning comics, picture books and graphic novels are curated to bring vital, entertaining and diverse stories to readers. From Canadian history, LGBTQ, humour, to fantasy and horror.
Rhael McGregor
Rhael McGregor is a Métis, LGBTQ+ comic artist and animator from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They love writing LGBTQ+ romance stories with fantasy elements and they have a proclivity for witches. They are most well known for their short comic ‘Tinder’.
Robert Liu-Trujillo
Robert Liu-Trujillo is an Oakland native, raised by student activists who watched lots of science fiction and took him to many demonstrations. Always drawing, Rob grew up to be an artist falling in love with graffiti, fine art, illustration, murals, and children’s books. In that order, sort of. Through storytelling he’s been able to scratch the surface of so many untold stories. Rob is the author and illustrator of Furqan’s First Flat Top. He’s a dad of a teen and a toddler He loves ice cream and his wife who laughs big and corrects his grammar every chance she gets. Down with the system and soggy french fries!
Rodger Binyone
Artist, Musician & Screenprinter from Philadelphia, PA.
Rodrigo Vargas & Coni Yovaniniz
Rodrigo Vargas and Coni Yovaniniz are comic artists based in Santiago, Chile.
Rotopol is a publishing house for graphic storytelling touching upon the borders of what illustration and comic art can accomplish. Our range of products lets the reader discover books produced in high quality as well as artists with personal styles and stories. In 2007 we founded our headquarters in Kassel, Germany. This is from where we collaborate with an international network of comic artists and illustrators. Next to our office you can find our book store where we present comics and illustration books, high-quality art prints, paper toys, stationary, and printed textiles. All in all, we look at Rotopol as a platform that brings together the creative potential around us, developing it and making it visible in multiple ways.
Ru Xu
Ru Xu graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design after receiving a full academic scholarship. She went on to create the graphic novel series NewsPrints with Scholastic’s Graphix imprint. NewsPrints and its sequel EndGames have been nominated for an Edgar and an Ignatz. Ru is currently working on a semi-animated webcomic called Saint for Rent, which is about inns for time travelers and has been nominated for a Reuben. Her work tends to focus on characters who don’t fit conventional gender roles. Her non-storytelling-specific personal interests include historical fiction, coffee-flavored ice cream, and fat birds.
 Sarah Firth
Sarah Firth is a Melbourne based, Eisner Award-winning comic artist and graphic recorder. Her work has been published by ABRAMS Books, ABC Arts, Frankie Magazine, Graphic Mundi, Penn State University Press, Penguin Random House, Picador, Allen & Unwin, Graphic Mundi, The Nib, Black Inc, and Routledge. She is currently working on her debut graphic novel.
Scholastic is the world’s largest distributor of educational materials for children. Our Graphix imprint has been instrumental in introducing young readers to graphic novels and includes award-winning books from bestselling creators such as Jeff Smith, Raina Telgemeier, Dav Pilkey, and Kazu Kibuishi.
 Scott Marshall
I have been making zines since about 1984 and comics since 1990. I’ve always been a kind of personal short story writer, especially in comics. I’ve always published my own stuff and I enjoy experimenting with printing technologies and formats. Be sure to stop by my booth for hot TCAF-exclusive deals and otherwise visit my website at heyscottmarshall.com.
Shaun Manning
Shaun Manning is the writer and co-creator of Macbeth: The Red King (Shooting Star Press); Interesting Drug (BOOM! Studios); and Hell, Nebraska (LINE Webtoon). He has written for Star Wars Adventures (IDW Publishing), Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood (Ahoy! Comics), Garbage Pail Kids (IDW Publishing), Thought Bubble (Image), and more.
Shawn Kuruneru
Shawn Kuruneru is an artist and writer. In 2020 his comic Elvis and Daisy won a MICE mini-grant award. Box of Rain is the most recent collaboration of comic poems with singer song writer Jennifer Castle.
shiverspooky is a nonbinary webcomic artist with a love for monsters and fantasy. They love to write LGBTQA+ comics, particularly love stories and adventure stories. They are most known for their webcomic, Lycan’s Nocturne, a queer story about werewolves and magical places. Shiverspooky also creates many zines and mini comics, their most popular one being “I am Just a Little Creature,” a zine about being nonbinary.
Sid Sharp
Sid is an artist and illustrator from Toronto who is usually thinking about horror and finding good sticks for their stick collection. Last year, Sid was a finalist for the Broken Pencil Zine Awards for Best Comic Zine. They just finished their Illustration degree and are currently working in a bookstore and developing their first graphic novel for kids with Annick Press.
Skylar Swift Kardon
Skylar Swift Kardon (he/they) is a mixed MENA transmasculine illustrator and comic artist. He’s participated in a variety of anthologies such as No Refunds, Post-Script, Gothic Tales, Strange Waters, and many more.
SpiderForest Webcomic Collective
SpiderForest is an international webcomics collective with over 100 curated high-quality, free-to-read stories across genres and styles. All SpiderForest comics have one important thing in common: the creator’s vision comes first. Established in 2004, our members come from many countries including Canada, Finland, Iceland, India, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, UK, and the USA. We have artists and writers with decades of experience as well as new voices. Our inclusive, self-sustaining volunteer community is focused on peer support, collaboration, and a passion for excellence and growth in comics.
Starside is a sci-fi/fantasy series about timid 16-year-old Jack who is ripped away from his ordinary life on Earth and taken deep into the universe where he discovers interplanetary slavers, a crusading army, and the origins of Humanity. In his efforts to survive in a strange and dangerous environment, Jack finds confidence and family in a band of misfits fighting to unite the broken universe, and discovers that Humans are much more powerful than we ever imagined.
Steven Gilbert
Steve lives in the town of Newmarket, Ontario, and uses his hometown as the setting for his Doug Wright and Joe Shuster Award winning graphic novel series The Journal Of The Main Street Secret Lodge. Other works of note are the crime dramas Colville and Hey, Broheim (under the pseudonym William Bobo). Colville is also available internationally from Coconino and Revival. Forthcoming books include a final volume of The Secret Lodge and a collected edition of his “lost” work from the 1990s published by Popnoir Editions.
The Scholarly Banana
The Scholarly Banana is a comedic, sculptural graphic novel series that retells old, dark fairy tales and tricks you into learning fun facts about them! Karly West is an author and multi-media artist from Cleveland, Ohio. She holds a B.A. in language education, is an award-winning character sculptor, and satirizes obscure fairy tales for a living. Inspired by the surreal imagery of classic stop-motion films, Karly creates The Scholarly Banana’s quirky illustrations with handmade figurines, random trinkets, and yard debris. It’s as glamorous as it sounds.
Tic Toc Tom
Tic Toc Tom is a self-published comic book created in 1992 by a bunch of folks who love comic books. We have printed mini comics, full size comic books and trades. Currently working on a weekly online comic and a yearly full colour printed comic book.
Tim Bauer
Originally from Kansas, Tim Bauer, started his career in teaching internationally in Asia, but decided to come to Vancouver to study illustration. He is the illustrator and creator behind Woahman Comics, and some of his influences and inspirations come from comic books, old 80’s cartoons, Hong Kong action theatre, fashion illustration, Sci-fi movies, and drag queens.
TO Comix Press
We publish comics celebrating upcoming creators and diverse voices. We’re dedicated to transparency, and helping build a supportive and kind comics community.
Tony Chao
Tony Chao is an illustrator, designer and storyteller based in New York City. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Tony spent his formative years spending time in both Asia and the United States. His work draws heavy influence from Japanese Manga, European comics, and American cartoons, combining the aesthetics of both East and West. Tony brings a dynamic drawing style to his visual storytelling, creating experiences that are both kinetic and impactful.
TPub Comics
As a comic book publisher, it’s our mission at TPub Comics to get more people reading & making comics.
Troy Little
TROY LITTLE originated in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He left for a while, but then went back. He has three kids, two cats and the best wife in the world. He spent many a year working in animation before shifting his focus full time to comics. He’s written and illustrated “The Powerpuff Girls”, “Rick & Morty VS Dungeons and Dragons”, adapted Hunter S. Thompsons novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, Kevin Eastman’s “Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls” as well as his own books, “Chiaroscuro” and the “Angora Napkin” series. He’s currently working on a collaborative book entitled “Butterfly House” with his wife, Brenda Hickey and will soon begin serializing his next book, “The Allusion of Life”online. Troy has been thrice nominated for an Eisner Award as well as the Harvey, Ringo and Sequential Awards.
Minneapolis based Uncivilized Books has been publishing smart comics and graphic novels for over a decade. We’ve published books by some of the best cartoonists in the world: Gabrielle Bell, Peter Wartman, Joann Sfar, David B., Peter Wartman, Alan Moore, Noah Van Sciver, and many more. Recently we launched Uncivilized Comics, a new comic book imprint. We’re currently serializing Ginseng Roots, a major new work from Craig Thompson (Blankets). Other releases in the imprint include: For Real #1 by James Romberger, and My Dog Jojo by Gabrielle Bell.
University of Toronto Press
University of Toronto Press is Canada’s leading academic publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America, with particular strengths in the social sciences, humanities, and business. The Book Publishing Division is widely recognized in Canada for its strength in history, political science, sociology, Indigenous studies, and cultural studies. Internationally, UTP is a leading publisher of medieval, Renaissance, Italian, Iberian, Slavic, and urban studies, as well as studies in book and print culture. With the publication of influential authors and award-winning research, as well as a continuing dedication to groundbreaking new scholarship and innovative texts for the higher education market, UTP has firmly established its reputation for excellence.
Vanessa Stefaniuk
VANESSA STEFANIUK is the comic creator of the award-winning RADIO SILENCE, a coming of age drama about a British rock band’s rise to fame. She also organized and edited two volumes of the WHERE IS HOME Anthology series. When she’s not listening to music to inspire her or attempting to grasp the Scots language for dialogue writing, she’s daydreaming up her next five ambitious comic ideas.
Veltri & Wright
Pasquale Marco Veltri and Ian Wright have been working together on creating pages for Painting My life for five years. They have created several collected stories and are now working towards a second series of science fiction stories called Dimensional.
Wavering Line Collective
Wavering Line Collective is three friends making comics together: Anna Kwan, Jean DeMers and Lis Xu. Since 2016, they have self-published seven issues of Wavering Line magazine that collects their comics and illustration work alongside invited peers. They also make Tales of the Strange and Fascinating, a series of short comics inspired by sci-fi genres. They have been nominated for a Doug Wright Award for their work in experimental comics.
Will Not Bow Comics
Will Not Bow Comics is a small business run by local writer and artist Samantha Branch in Halifax, NS.
Windy & Wallflower
Windy & Wallflower is a collaborative effort between two queer creators: J. Kiakas and Tasha Mukanik. Currently situated in Montreal, Canada, their main focus is on comics and storytelling, as well as self publishing and printing their own works. The two are best known for their work on: Paint The Town Red, The Sanity Circus and Myth Retold.
Xaviere Daumarie
Xaviere Daumarie is an illustrator and a comic book artist with a passionate love for fairytales, historical fashion and weird characters.
Yukihiro Tada
Born in Osaka, Japan. He graduated from the Faculty of arts at Kyoto Seika University and works freelance. Throughout his career he has published illustrations and comics both in and out of Japan. One of his representative work is a character illustration, Mosh series. He hold exhibitions and workshops not only in Japan but also in Korea, Taiwan, Germany, etc. One of his latest work is the graphic novel called “Love letter” which has been published from jjokkpress in South Korea in 2019.
Zimra is a french comic book artist and illustrator. Over the last decade she published 8 comics with various co-authors. She recently received a national grant to work on a story she created.