This year, virtual TCAF is offering a space for creators, publishers, and TCAF attendees to meet one another! We know one of the things that makes TCAF a special time is the chance to meet with other comic arts fans, and we know we all miss the chance to mix, mingle, and connect with others. In an attempt at making space for just that kind of encounter, we’ve set up a series of Zoom sessions and breakout rooms to allow artists and publishers to chat with the public and each other.

Get the schedule here!

For a web-based schedule, click here.

TCAF 2021 Zoom Exhibitor Rooms

How It Works:
Over the course of 12 Zoom sessions, we’ve randomly allotted each individually listed exhibitor a breakout room where they can invite folks to come and visit them during the festival. There are between 10 and 15 creators in each session, each in their own breakout rooms, and each session has a core moderator in the main room greeting attendees as they come by and making sure people get sent to the rooms they are going to.

View the schedule and download it here. The Zoom links for the session is hyperlinked in the doc. These spaces are intended to be low pressure, just a place to mingle!

You can show up at any point during the two-hour session, where you will be greeted by the moderator and sent to visit the artist (or artists! You can bop around from room to room) of your choice.

Public Digital Space and Safety:
The aforementioned moderator is there not only to assist folks, but to also keep an eye out for unsatisfactory behaviour from everyone involved. Artists and publishers will also have access to host privileges, allowing you to mute and turn off guests’ video, as well as remove them in more extreme circumstances. We hold all of our artists and guests to TCAF’s Conduct and Harassment Policy, which can be read here

But while we are committed to doing everything in our power to help hold these spaces safe, the sessions are publicly available, and we acknowledge that we cannot remove all risk from this endeavour.

We hope to see you join us this year!

Exhibitors: if you have any questions, or need changes made to your allotted time, or would like to be removed from the schedule, please contact Jalen Innis ( and Pip Bradford (