Announcing the TCAF 2020 Digital Showcase!

We’ve created a FREE digital book, showcasing the amazing creators and publishers of #TCAF2020! 

At the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, we try to celebrate and showcase great cartooning from all around the world. Part of the thrill of the festival is to walk down the aisles of our exhibition and discover new works that you’ll love. After this year’s festival was cancelled, we wanted to replicate part of that experience and have created the TCAF 2020 Digital Showcase!

Head over to Gumroad to download your PDF copy of the book:

The TCAF 2020 Digital Showcase is the result of an open invitation to the creators and publishers who were scheduled to appear at TCAF 2020 to share their art with you. In this book, you’ll discover over 100 comic creators and over 400 pages—a stroll through the exhibition that you can enjoy from your home.

The Digital Showcase also includes an original (and beautiful) comic by Karen Shangguan & Laura Cañas. This comic was commissioned as part of the “Blind Date” initiative, our collaboration with the Entreviñetas Festival in Colombia.

We hope you enjoy the showcase and support the exhibitors by clicking on the links provided on their pages, and checking out their work!

Full creator list under the cut:

Featuring work by:
Aaron Losty
Alex Kostiw
Alex Rhys
Alex Steacy
Allison Danger
Ally Rom Colthoff
Amara Sherm
Andrea Fort & Michael Christopher Heron
Anuj Shrestha
Brandi Payne
Brenda Hickey
Brian Canini
Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener
Bruce Worden
Captain Rottsteak
Catherine Ocelot
Charlene & Wilson Bearhead & Chloe Bluebird Mustooch
Christina Major
Christopher Sperandio
Claire Folkman
Cloudscape Comics
Cole Pauls
Colleen Laurel
Dan Nott
Darren Vogt
Daryl Seitchik
David A. Robertson & Scott B. Henderson
David Collier
Deanna (Dean) De Maglie
Decur & Enchanted Lion Books
Dirty Diamonds
Dolor Local
Douglas Noble
Eilie Astara
Elaine M. Will
Emily Benger
Europe Comics
First Second Books
Francis Desharnais
Gabrielle Ng
Grace Desmarais
Haley Boros
Hazel + Bell
Head Curry Comics
Howard Chackowicz
Ian Herring
Ido Yogev
J.N. Monk
Jason Rodway
Jayme Brodie
Jean Wei
Jenny McKeon
Jeremy Tankard
Jon Allen
Jonathan Rotsztain
Joyce Rice
Karen Shangguan
Kelly Phillips
Kendra & Kat
Kimberly Edgar
Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes
Kristen Lee
Kyle Harabedian
Laura Cañas
Laura Lee
Lina Wu
Lisa Boivin
Margins Publishing
Martha Agostini & Olivia Agostini
Matthew Brown
Mel Valentine Vargas
Michael Morton
Mike Centeno
Nate Shaw
NBM Graphic Novels
Ngozi Ukazu
Niki Smith
Papercutzz Graphic Novels
Peter Ricq
Rachel Dukes
Radiator Comics
Read More Comix!
Rodger Binyone
Ru Xu
Ryan Dunlavey
Sage Clemmons
Sanika Phawde
scarlet wings kaili
Sean Azzopardi
Sherwin Tjia
Sid Sharp
Tania Mignacca
Tess Stone
Theora Kvitka
Tiana Warner & April Pierce
Top Shelf Productions
Troy Little
Vera Greentea
Veronica Post
Wayward Kindred from TO Comix Press
Wyeth Yates
Zak Kinsella
…and a cover by Shirahama Kamome.