TCAF EXHIBITORS: Submit to the #TCAF2020 Exhibitor Digital Showcase!

TCAF, The Toronto Comic Arts Festival will be undertaking a multi-faceted digital initiative this May across its social media: #TCAF2020. We’d like you to participate!

In an effort to help support the creators, publishers, and other exhibitors who would have been present at TCAF this year, we are compiling a digital booklet of sample works and bios of all exhibitors from this year’s canceled show. This is what we’re calling (for now) the 2020 TCAF Exhibitor Digital Showcase. The Showcase will be available to download on Gumroad, for free. It will receive TCAF’s highest level of promotion, being widely promoted and advertised on all of TCAF’s media channels (email newsletter, press list, twitter, tumblr, facebook, website, etc.).

Any creator or publisher who was scheduled to exhibit at TCAF 2020, including those who withdrew their participation for whatever reason, is invited to submit to this project. 


What will the 2020 TCAF Digital Showcase look like?

Each exhibitor will have 4 pages:

  • Page 1: exhibitor bio and contact information page

  • Page 2, 3, 4: comic/artwork pages


Images below are rough mockups for demonstrative purposes:



Please note that because the digital showcase will be formatted in 1-up portrait orientation, we recommend that your artwork be a full-page portrait-orientation comic page. 

How do I participate?

Please use the google form to submit your information and upload your artwork. 

Please submit your information and upload your artwork by May 11, 2020, at 11:59pm EST.

Please note, a free Google account is required to upload into this form.

For general questions and submission information contact us at