Announcing #TCAF2020 – Introduction & TWEETSTORM

Hey everyone, Christopher Butcher from TCAF here. As you might know, this weekend, May 9 and 10, was when TCAF 2020 was scheduled to take place. We’ve been seeing the nice things that folks have been posting and sending to us on social media, saying how much you’ll miss the show. We really appreciate it.

We want to take the love we’ve been getting, and send it out to the creators and publishers that work with us. To that end we’ve come up with the #TCAF2020 digital initiative to help draw attention to the great comics being made by our exhibitors year round, and hopefully send interest and sales their way.

We’ve already begun posting creator-focused material across twitter, instagram, and tumblr with the #TCAF2020 hashtag, and our exhibitors have started using it as well. Well, this week, things heat up as we add even MORE content to #TCAF2020 across all social media!

Our goal here is to draw attention to the great comics creators, publishers, and projects being posted in the #TCAF2020 hashtag, to help support creators in this difficult time. And so we’ve scheduled a #TCAF2020 tweetstorm, where we ask all of our exhibitors and friends to tweet at the same time, and get TCAF trending!

Tweet a message using #TCAF2020 on:
Friday May 8th at 6pm EST
Saturday May 9th at 1pm EST

Post about a creator whose work you love, or a comic or graphic novel that you found at TCAF. Post about a great TCAF experience, or a creator you’d like to meet some day. Try to keep it positive, and it will help draw attention to all of the great cartoonists that are also posting their work in the hashtag!

TCAF will also be posting content all this week in that hashtag, so when you go to check it out you’ll hopefully find lots of awesome comics to suit your interest!

Right now we can’t hold TCAF, but we can keep supporting the creators who would have been there this year.

Thanks for your time, and see you this Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 1pm!

  • Christopher Butcher, Artistic Director, TCAF