TORONTO, CANADA: TCAF, The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, is excited to announce that it will host a celebration for the 25th Anniversary of groundbreaking comic book publisher Image Comics!

Special guests, amazing programming, and even a dedicated venue will thrill fans old and new alike at TCAF 2017, taking place May 13th and 14th, 2017, in Toronto, Canada. Image Comics is the largest publisher of creator-owned comic books in North America, with notable titles including The Walking Dead, Saga, The Wicked + The Divine, and Toronto’s own Sex Criminals, reaching beyond ‘mainstream’ comics’ traditional borders to bring in new readers, promote fairer contracts, and publish some great work!

The Image 25th Anniversary Party @ The Masonic Temple

For two days in May, Image Comics creators, staff, and friends, will take over TCAF’s newest venue The Masonic Temple (introduced in 2016), located at 888 Yonge Street, a block north of TCAF’s main location Toronto Reference Library. The Image 25th Anniversary Party at The Masonic Temple is a fully accessible venue which will feature both all-day exhibitors and timed creator signings, as well as panel discussions, live drawing, special ‘talk show’ segment, and more!

The Image 25th Anniversary Party @ The Masonic Temple runs Saturday, May 13, from 10am to 5pm, and Sunday, May 14, from 11am to 5pm, and as with almost every TCAF event, admission will be FREE!

Please note: This is opening 1 hour later than TCAF’s main venue at Toronto Reference Library. At points during the day we may need to stagger entry to conform to fire code regulations. Make sure to dress as warm as you need to and bring an umbrella, just in case you’re waiting outside!

Over Two-Dozen Image Comics Creators!

Since its creation in 2003, each TCAF has welcomed a number of comics creators who’ve published with Image Comics, but this year we’re blowing the roof off with more than 2 dozen creators (and maybe more to come…)! Check out this amazing guest list:

Charlie Adlard (UK)
Charlie Adlard is the Eisner award nominated artist and co-conspirator on The Walking Dead, with Robert Kirkman. In addition, he is the United Kingdom’s official Comics Laureate for 2016, and will attend TCAF with the support of our partners at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. His other graphic novels include Rock Bottom, Codeflesh, White Death, and he also loves to play drums in his band ‘Cosmic Rays.’

Ivan Brandon (USA)
Ivan Brandon is a fiction writer for a number of mediums, including film, television, and video games. He’s arguably best known for his work in American comics where he co-created DRIFTER, VIKING, THE CROSS BRONX, NYC MECH, and the Eisner-nominated series 24SEVEN, all for Image Comics, in addition to a number of major runs on Marvel Comics franchises. Ivan will be debuting his newest Image comic series Black Cloud just before TCAF 2017!

Wes Craig is no longer attending TCAF 2017.

Wes Craig (Canada)
Montreal artist Wes Craig has been drawing comic books professionally since 2004 for DC and Marvel Comics on titles including Batman, Thunder Agents, and Guardians of the Galaxy. He is the artist and co-creator of the Image Comics series DEADLY CLASS, with Rick Remender and Lee Loughridge. He also writes and draws the online series BLACKHAND COMICS, available in a hardback from Image Comics.

Valentine DeLandro (Canada)
Valentine De Landro is a Canadian comic book artist, illustrator, and designer. His credits include titles from Marvel, DC Comics, IDW, Valiant, and Dark Horse. He is best known to TCAF fans as the co-creator and artist of BITCH PLANET, with Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Brendan Fletcher (Canada), Cameron Stewart (Canada), and Babs Tarr (USA)
This trio of titans produces one of your favourite new comic books, Motor Crush! The chroniclers of your favourite hard-riding motorcycle heroes first worked together on the fan-favourite Batgirl for DC Comics, before bringing their original creations to Image! Brenden’s other work includes writing Gotham Academy, Black Canary, Wednesday Comics, and more for DC. You might also know Cameron Stewart from a wide variety of comics projects including Fight Club 2 (with Chuck Pahlinuk) and The Invisibles (with Grant Morrison) amongst many others! Babs Tarr meanwhile is an accomplished fashion and entertainment illustrator, who cut her comics teeth on Batgirl and Motor Crush.

Brandon Graham (USA), Emma Rios (Spain), Simon Roy (Canada), and Farel Dalrymple (USA)
Say hello to Team Island! Yes, Brandon and Emma are the co-editors of the recently completed anthology series ISLAND! Spanning 15 issues, dozens of stories, and some incredible comics content, Island was like nothing else on the stands, and we’re thrilled to have the editors here to celebrate!

Joining Emma (also known for the amazing graphic novels Mirror, I.D., and Pretty Deadly) and Brandon (King City, Multiple Warheads) are two of Island’s most prodigious contributors: Simon Roy, who’s series Habitat was recently collected in trade paperback, and Farel Dalrymple, whose graphic novel Pop Gun War was recently reprinted by Image Comics, with more to come soon!

Meredith Gran (USA)
Meredith Gran is a cartoonist and teacher. Her long-running webcomic OCTOPUS PIE is known for its intense resonance and amazing levels of craft, and has recently been republished in graphic novels by Image Comics Meredith Gran will be seated in Toronto Reference Library.

Leslie Hung (USA) & Bryan Lee O’Malley (Canada)
This California-based duo are the co-creative team behind the sensational new Image Comics series Snotgirl! You may know Bryan Lee O’Malley from his TCAF 2009 poster, previous visits to TCAF, or his incredible series Scott Pilgrim, from Oni Press, and his graphic novel Seconds, from Penguin Random House! Leslie is a relative newcomer best known for her anthology contributions and online comics, but she’s knocking it out of the park with beautiful artwork on Snotgirl every month!

Karl Kerschl (Canada)
Karl has created a wide array of comics and graphic novels, including lengthy stints at DC Comics! He’s best known to TCAF fans as the author of the webcomic ‘The Abominable Charles Christopher’ and as artist on DC Comics’ Gotham Academy. Karl will be launching the brand new series Isola from Image Comics in 2017, with writer Brenden Fletcher, and we’re hoping to have something special from the team at TCAF!

Jason Latour (USA)
Jason Latour is a comic book writer and artist. His current projects include co-creation and art duties on Southern Bastards, a 2015 Eisner nominee for Best Continuing Series, at Image Comics, as well as scripting and co-creating Spider-Gwen at Marvel comics and Loose Ends at Image Comics.

Jeff Lemire (Canada)
New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lemire is an award-winning writer and artist of the acclaimed literary graphic novels Essex County, The Underwater Welder, The Nobody, Sweet Tooth, and Trillium, and the co-creator with Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie of the recently released project The Secret Path. His most recent works include Royal City, A.D.: After Death (with collaborator Scott Snyder), Plutona (with Emi Lenox), and Descender (with Dustin Nguyen), published by Image Comics!

Jeff Lemire is also the illustrator of one of our official TCAF 2017 Posters!

Sloane Leong (USA)
Sloane Leong is an Oregon-based artist and storyteller with a ferocious sense of creativity and a drive to put her all into her work. She is the co-creator and artist of From Under Mountains, from Image Comics.

Marjorie Liu (USA) & Sana Takeda (Japan)
The incredible creators of the New York Times Bestseller Monstress! Marjorie Liu is an attorney and author of over 19 novels, and her comics work includes X-23, Black Widow, Dark Wolverine, and Astonishing X-Men! Sana Takeda is visiting all the way from Japan for the first time at TCAF, and has done a number of notable gigs for Marvel Comics! Team Monstress will be joined by translator/interpreter/agent Akihide Yanagi from Japan, a comics expert in his own right!

Sana Takeda is also the illustrator of one of our official TCAF 2017 Posters!

Andrew MacLean (USA)
Based in Salem, MA, Andrew MacLean is the artist and writer behind HEAD LOPPER from Image Comics, and the graphic novel ApocalyptiGirl from Dark Horse.
Andrew MacLean will be exhibiting in Toronto Reference Library.

Jamie McKelvie (UK): Jamie McKelvie has worked on a lot of comics with a lot of people. From the Image Comic Series Phonogram and the Marvel series Young Avengers, both with Kieron Gillen, to the New York Times bestselling X-Men: Season One with Dennis Hopeless, to Defenders with Matt Fraction. Sadly, fate has seen fit to throw him together with Gillen again for their groundbreaking, New York Times Bestselling series The Wicked + The Divine. He’s not sure what he did to deserve this. In what he laughably refers to as his spare time, Jamie has also provided art for bands such as Art Brut, Tegan and Sara, and Chvrches.

Sean Phillips (UK): Sean Phillips returns to TCAF 2017 in support of his brand new series Kill or Be Killed (with writer Ed Brubaker)! Sean has collaborated with Ed on a number of incredible projects, including Criminal, Incognito, Fatale, and The Fade Out. His past work includes stints on major comics franchises including Batman, Hellblazer, The X-Men, Marvel Zombies, and much more. Sean will be joined on this trip by his son, illustrator Jacob Phillips.

Chip Zdarsky (Canada) and Kagan McLeod (Canada): From the fertile minds of Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod came KAPTARA, a bleak, hilarious reimagining of what it might be like to smash all of your childhood toys together and make them fight, but as a grown-up this time. More Kaptara is on the way, they swear! Meanwhile, Chip continues to make great comics as the co-creator and artist of Time Magazine’s Book of the Year Sex Criminals, and writer of series like Howard The Duck, Star Lord, and Spider-Man for Marvel Comics. Kagan, on the other hand, continues to be a hugely in demand illustrator for clients including Variety, The Wall Street Journal, Toronto Life, and more besides….!

Jim Zub (Canada) and Djibril Morrissette-Phan (USA): Last and certainly not least are the incredible creative team of Jim Zub and Djibril Morrissette-Phan, who in 2016 and 2017 brought the world Glitterbomb, a brutal horror-story about Hollywood, now available in graphic novel form from Image. Zub is the also the co-creator for two more Image series’, including the swords & sworcery (& magic guns) epic Skullkickers, and Wayward, a teen horror serial set (mostly) in Japan. He’s also written a few small books you might’ve heard of like Avengers and Thunderbolts and stuff. Meanwhile, you may recognize Dhibril from his work for Marvel and Archie Comics!

But wait there’s more!

As if this guestlist weren’t enough, we SHOULD let you know that there are a few more creators that we’ve reached out to that couldn’t commit to the date just yet, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for a few more announcements closer to the date. If you wanna know what’s happening as it happens, make sure to subscribe to @torontocomics on Twitter, and maybe sign up for our mailing list (on the front page of this site).

Happy Anniversary!

We’d like to thank David Brothers, Aly Hoffman, and Jeff Boison of Image Comics for coming out to the Festival to help make the Image 25th Anniversary Party @ The Masonic Temple a reality, and of course the whole team at Image Comics for their support of TCAF 2017.

TCAF has always been about shining a light on the great work that Canadian creators are doing here at home and abroad, and inviting the larger comics world to see what we’re doing here in Toronto, and we think with this event we’ll get an amazing opportunity to do both!

So we’ll see you on May 13th and 14th at for TCAF 2017 at all of our venues, including Toronto Reference Library, The Marriott Bloor Yorkville, and The Image Comics Anniversary Party @ The Masonic Temple!

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